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Totori cleared for Western United

Totori took the field for Western United on Sunday 13th October despite also having a contract to play for new S-League franchise X-Beam in the competition. The S-League Manager, Joseph Boso, formally warned Western United prior to the match but the club decided to ignore the warning and allowed Totori to play.
This prompted X-Beam and their opponents on that day Malaita Kingz to protest his fielding stating that he (Totori) was fielded illegally by Western United. X-Beam argued that the player belonged to them since he had signed a contract with them first.
The complaints were forwarded to the S-League Board who decided that the case needed to be heard by the SIFF Disciplinary Committee following allegations of forgery. The S-League Board then proceeded to suspend Totori until the SIFF Disciplinary Committee could make a decision on his case.
It took the newly appointed SIFF Disciplinary Committee two meetings including a 5-hour marathon on Saturday 26 October before a decision could be reached. The two page verdict was handed to the S-League Office and clubs concerned yesterday.
The SIFF Disciplinary Committee ruled that the fielding of Totori by Western United in their match against Malaita Kingz was illegal since the ownership of the player was undetermined at that time. Therefore, the club was fined $500 and the match was awarded to Malaita Kingz.
The committee further ruled that Totori is to serve a one-match suspension and fined $1000 for signing contracts with X-Beam and Western United. Totori was, however, cleared to play for Western United against Marist on Saturday (26 November) since he had already served the suspension under instructions from the S-League Board.
On the matter of Totori’s eligibility for the current season of the Telekom S-League, the Disciplinary Committee resolved to allow the player to exercise his right of choice and the player chose to remain with Western United. The committee, thus, cleared him to play for Western United for the duration of the season.
The clubs concerned were given 15 days to appeal the decision.

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