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Marist axed from S-League

The decision follows the passing of the final deadline of October 31st given by the S-League Board for Marist to complete its outstanding registration fee of $20 000. The Honiara Football Association (HFA) had paid $10 000 on behalf of the club prior to the start of the competition.
Marist was allowed to take part in the competition with the view that the club would complete the fees in a reasonable timeframe. The Board used a provision in the S-League Regulations to permit the club to compete while negotiating the completion of their registration fee. While Marist competed they were penalised with a 2-point deduction for every match they played.
However, no remedial action came from Marist in the four weeks since the competition started on 12 October. Marist only communicated letters of assurance which the Board could no longer accept as excuses considering that all other clubs in the competition had paid their fees.
With the club already having benefitted from three extensions that Board felt that there is no more room to manoeuvre on the matter and that all avenues for the club to sort the issue have been exhausted.
The remaining eight clubs in the competition have been assured by the S-League management that the integrity of the competition remains intact despite the deregistration of Marist.
In accordance with the S-League Regulations a ten-day notice has been issued by the Board after which Marist’s licence to compete in the S-League will be repealed. Marist has appealed the decision by the S-League Board.
The public is informed to take note of the changes to this weekend’s fixtures due to the deregistration of Marist:
Saturday 09 November
2:00pm X-Beam v Western United
4:00pm Malaita Kingz v Solomon Warriors
Sunday 10 November
3:00pm KOSSA v Real Kakamora

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