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Ever since the Solomon Islands was introduced to football there have been referees. However, it is only recently that official referee development programs were introduced by the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF). In the early days the sacrifice and determination of referees was the key ingredient to the success and sustenance of refereeing in the country.

Even before the establishment of the SIFF Referee Development Office Solomon Islands made its first breakthrough. This came in the form of David Sau who became the first Solomon Islander to receive a FIFA Assistant Referee badge.

As SIFF grew stronger, refereeing also grew stronger and today there are more than 70 active referees in Solomon Islands including for football, beach soccer and futsal.


“Work Towards The Common Goal For The Advancement And Professionalism Of Football And More Specifically Refereeing – This Beautiful Game. For the Game. For The World.”


Association Football
At the elite level for football referees the programs are in line with the FIFA Referee Assistance Program schedule. Annual courses have helped improved the quality of referees and more recently referee instructors in Solomon Islands.
Locally, the SIFF Referee Development Office is working on training referees at the basic level and entering them in appropriate level competitions where their performance is monitored.
SIFF Referee Instructors are also active with quality management and have pioneered bi-monthly programs that are already showing results.

Beach Soccer
The success of the National Beach Soccer Team and the subsequent growing interest in beach soccer locally are the main drivers for development of referees for this code.
Oceania Football Confederation has assisted with development in this area by organizing Solomon Islands first beach soccer refereeing course in 2009. The first results were seen with the eventual appointment of Hugo Hebala and Hamiltion Siau to the 2009 OFC FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Qualifiers.

The first official Futsal refereeing course was held in February 2010. The number of SIFF registered Futsal referees, thus, went from 0 to 44 in the space of one week. Two (2) of the participants of the course have now been appointed to officiate in the 2010 OFC Futsal Championship.


• Appointment of Neil Poloso to FIFA OFC Referee Assistance Program
• Appointment of Matthew Taro to officiate in 2010 FIFA World Cup
• Appointment of Rex Kamusu and Silas Leti to officiate in 2010 OFC Futsal Championship