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The SIFF Congress
The SIFF Congress is the highest authority within the structure of SIFF. PFAs are represented in the SIFF Congress by 2 members. SIFF Congress is convened once a year. The SIFF Congress is responsible for formulating the SIFF Long Term Development Plan, ammend the SIFF Constitution and most importantly to elect the SIFF Executive Committee.

A Normalisation Committee was installed in October 2013 led by Chairman Barnabas Anga to administer the affairs of the Solomon Islands Football Federation. Anga and his four fellow members of the committee were praised for their dedication and contribution to reforming the administration.

The 24th SIFF Congress was held on 28 March, 2015, the first since 2013, marking the end of normalisation for the OFC Member Association. A new Executive Committee was voted in, with Honiara Football Association president William Lai elected to a four year term as SIFF President.
The SIFF Executive Committee
The SIFF Executive Committee is the body that oversees the daily management of SIFF with respect to policies, plans and requirements set by the SIFF Congress. The Executive Committee represents the Congress in the day to day management of SIFF. Each SIFF Executive Commmittee has a term of four years. After these four years an election is held to elect new members.

Executive Committee
The following members were elected for a four year term on 28 March 2015:

President: William LAI
Vice-President: Eddie OMOKIRIO
Member: Tommy MANA
Member: Adrian GINA
Member: Angeline VAVE

The SIFF Secretariat
The SIFF Secretariat is the executing arm of the SIFF responsible for implementing the policies and plans formulated by the SIFF Congress. The SIFF Secretariat is headed by the General Secretary.