Just Pay Program in Solomon Islands

The Just Play program was launched in the Solomon Islands on the 24th of May, 2010. The Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Just Play Coordinator, Colin Tua, officiated at the launching which was held at Lawson Tama stadium during the 2010 Our Telekom National Club Championship.
From the initial launching the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Special Projects Office has taken over local supervision of the project especially with the Just Play Pilot Project which is now in its operational stages.

In Honiara, the Just Play Pilot Project involves 6 schools and 1 community with a total of 12 community based resource people carrying out the program. Bishop Epalle Primary School, St. John Primary School, Chung Wah Primary School, Coronation Primary School, Perch Primary School, and Lungga Primary School are the schools involved. The Fishing Village Community, home to 3 football clubs (Solomon Warriors, Junior Flamingo and Sunbeam) is the test community for the pilot project.

The rural segment of the Just Play Pilot Project is being run in Marovo in the Western Province. The Marovo launching was conducted on June 22nd 2010 by the SIFF Special Projects Manager, Phillip Ohoto’ona and the Technical Officer to the Just Play in Solomon Islands, Commins Menapi. There 6 primary schools are involved: Seghe Primary School, Patutiva Primary School, Buinitusu Primary School, Nazareth Primary School, Chuchulu Primary School and Michi Primary School. A 2-day training workshop was run at the Seghe Primary School to help the teachers to better deliver the Just Play Program in their schools.
The SIFF Special Projects Office is currently working with the schools to gather the information that will be needed to assess the strength, viability and impact of Just Play in Solomon Islands.

Overall the Just Play Program is welcomed by the teachers as a blessing mostly due to its simplicity and support with equipment and training. There is great interest in Just Play locally and already other schools and communities are asking for the Just Play Program to be extended to them.


  • Completed the OXFAM Gender Based Violence project in Auki with 2 Secondary Schools
  • Educated and empowered the U16 National girls team on the 31st July 2017 about Gender roles and responsibilities


Our main donor partners are the;                                         

  • The Australian Government
  • The New Zealand Government
  • UEFA Foundation for Children
  • Federation Football of Australia
  • UNICEF Pacific
  • OFC

Local Partners

  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Women, Youth, Children & Family Affairs
  • Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Ministry of Police and Justice


  • Isabel Provincial Government
  • Malaita Provincial Government
  • Central Provincial Government
  • Guadalcanal Provincial Government
  • Honiara City Council
  • Schools

Just Play target foryear 2018 is to reach 3700 children.

Planned Trainings for this year are;

  1. Honiara Churches Training No. 3
  2. Karu’u Community, South Malaita
  3. Afio Community, South Malaita
  4. Hirolegu Community, Hograno District, Isabel Province
  5. Gagaolo Community, Hograno District, Isabel Province

Expression of Interest for the Just Play Programme for 2019

  1. Rennel & Bellona
  2. Savo Island
  3. Marau Sound
  4. Western Province
  5. Choiseul Province
  6. Malaita Province