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The Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) is benefiting from the newly introduced FIFA Forward Football Development Programme. FIFA Forward is a ‘step change’ for global football development which is built on three principles to provide tailor made support for football development in each of FIFA member associations like SIFF.


  • more investment,
  • more impact,
  • more oversight.

Under the FIFA Forward investment, SIFF is entitled to apply for FIFA’s financial support of 5 million USD per four-year- cycle for each MA from 1.6 million USD per cycle.

Once the money is recieved, SIFF has access to 750,000 US dollars per year for football projects such as pitches, competitions and women’s football.

And every association also receives up to 500,000 US dollars per year for running costs in areas including administration and governance.

As part of Forward’s annual “running costs” funding per association, members receive basic support of 100,000 US dollars per year. They can then receive additional annual funding of 50,000 US dollars for each of the following criteria they fulfil, up to an additional 400,000 dollars each year:

  • ​Employing a general secretary
  • Employing a technical director
  • Organising a men’s league
  • Organising a women’s league
  • Organising a men’s youth league
  • Organising a women’s youth league
  • Women’s football promotion and development strategy
  • Good governance/integrity programme
  • Grassroots football promotion and development strategy
  • Refereeing promotion and development strategy

At least two of the areas that member associations can focus on for this extra funding must cover women’s football.

More oversight
It is vital that these funds are used in the correct way so that they have the maximum impact for football on the ground.

FIFA is introducing enhanced oversight controls to ensure that this increase in football development spending is transparent, carefully managed and effective.

  • ​One contract of agreed objectives per association, setting the strategy for development over two to four years, approved by the Development Committee.
  • All tailor-made projects must be linked to the contract of agreed objectives; any project above USD 300’000 to be approved by the Development Committee.
  • FIFA administration to monitor the progress of projects.
  • Independent financial audits of Forward funds for each association.
  • Enhanced Development regulations, including greater powers of oversight and tougher compliance measures.
  • At least 50 percent independent FIFA Development Committee to oversee Forward programme.
  • Publication of independent audits of member associations’ annual finances