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Malaita Kingz 2 – West Honiara 0

Foanaota gave Malaita Kingz an early lead after a quick counter-attack saw him head home from close range. The cross came in from the right with David Filia and Joel Paga also making their contributions in the attack.
West Honiara entered the match after picking up their first win ever in the competition and were clearly intending to fight for a win. However, their combinations did not work as well as the previous week against an experienced Malaita Kingz backline led by John Iani and Willie Shem.
Interestingly, Malaita Kingz started without Abdouramane Kaba who joined them from Hana this season. The Guinean has a calming effect on his team mates with his confidence and towering presence in the midfield. Paga, who normally comes off the bench, made his first at the expense of Kaba but it was unlikely that he impressed anyone.
Khaled Taro, who has picked up interest as a potential maverick midfielder, had a quiet day for West Honiara as did forward Peter Kala, who mostly chased down long passes with little success. Sakus Maelasi was used heavily in set pieces due to his height but chances came few and far between for the promising defender.
The majority of the match was played in tit for tat fashion with either running the ball fruitlessly into the opposition area then losing only to see the same thing repeated at the other end.
That said, there instances of genius namely with Foanaota’s opener and again with Fono’s late goal. It was sheer determination and pace that saw the forward squeeze past the West Honiara backline before hammering the ball into the back of the net.
Both West Honiara and Malaita Kingz are scheduled for tough clashes in the coming round with matches scheduled against Solomon Warriors and Western United.
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