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Suri wants in with Koloale

In the country for only less than a fortnight Suri has headed straight to the Koloale training ground where he is finding his pace with the old boys in the club.
Suri said that if he is given a chance to play for Koloale in the O-League he would definitely sign up.
Things are already looking positive for the towering defender especially seeing that he was fielded by Koloale coach Peter Eke in the win against KOSSA in the Honiara Football Association (HFA)Top 10 championship on Saturday.
Suri was fielded halfway through the second half where he occupied a holding midfield role immediately in front of Samson Takayama.
Eke, however, says that he wants Suri to find his place in the team before he commits and playing him quite early will contribute to Suri quickly gaining a foothold in the Koloale setup.
“My intention is for Suri to observe how Koloale is playing. He will not have enough training sessions with us so I fielded him today to help him fit into the team,” Eke said.
While the Koloale coach appeared happy with the intention of Suri to be a part of Koloale’s campaign he has not confirmed if Koloale will be signing him up.
“I have 2 more weeks to trial Suri with the existing players before I can put him in the final team,” Eke said.
Suri will bring to Koloale his years of experience playing in New Zealand and will help to tighten up Koloale’s defensive formation.
He, however, is cautious about talking up Koloale’s hopes for the O-League but was willing to say that Koloale has a strong unit that has played together for a while so they will work well together.
“If signed up I will be there to play my role for the team and help address basic issues that we need to deal with,” Suri said.
Koloale continues to train for their O-League opener against Fijian champions Lautoka.
Their match is scheduled for the 23rd of this month.

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