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Koloale overcomes a tough KOSSA

Solomon Islands O-League representative club, Koloale proved why they are the hottest outfit around by defeating KOSSA 3 – 1 at Lawson Tama on Saturday.
The story was not all one sided in terms of play, however, it was the shaking of the back of the net that was one sided.
KOSSA featured a strong line up which included their guest player from Sweden, Jeppa Jacobson who showed the crowd some amazing skills and contributed to KOSSA’s only goal of the match.
The match kick off to a blistering pace as KOSSA tried to score early. However, Koloale were able to come back in after nervous moments in the starting seconds and turned the attack on their opponents.
About 3 minutes into the game Koloale won a free kick 2 yards from the KOSSA penalty box after James Egeta’s attack on Joses Nawo was ruled to be a foul.
Mostyn Beui tapped a short pass from the free kick to Benjamin Totori who powered home a low shot to put Koloale 1 nil in front.
In the 10th minute it was the KOSSA fans who were celebrating. Their goal arrived courtesy of the hard work of Jacobson who beat both Francis Lafai and Samson Takayama to send in a cross for Michael Taeman who finished with a powerful header.
Five (5) minutes after KOSSA’s goal Koloale were back in front. Ian Paia raced down the lines with the ball and turned in to for a low pass which beat Maenu and required only an easy tap from Nawo for the finishing touch.
KOSSA came back hard after Koloale’s second goal but 2 great scoring opportunities were squandered, firstly by Nicholas Muri who put his over the cross bar and Joe Luwi who sent his volley just wide.
Another KOSSA chance came from a free kick and Seni Ngava almost score but his shot found the cross bar and Shadrack Ramoni recovered in time to make the save.
On the other end Koloale also failed to utilise their chances and settled for their narrow 2 – 1 lead going into the halftime break.
The first 15 minutes of the second half went by frustratingly without a goal despite the numerous chances both sides had to score.
The only event worth registering was Houkaraua’s yellow card after a forceful challenge on Taeman which sent his smaller opponent spinning into the air.
At the stroke of 60 minutes Totori sent Koloale to 3 – 1 in front after a quick counter attack caught the KOSSA defenders flatfooted. He had only Maenu to beat and made no mistake with a low placement to the left of the KOSSA goalkeeper.
Koloale had a few more chances to score but they could not add to their tally for the match. Nawo had a dream of an opportunity in a 3 on 1 situation with Maenu but he sent his attempt straight into the advancing goalkeeper.
KOSSA had their fair share of chances in front of the Koloale goalmouth but most of the shots went wide. Their best attempt was a long range shot by Jacobson but Ramoni was quick enough to go low and block it.
The final whistle brought the game to an end but the afterthought of the missed opportunities will haunt both teams as they look forward to their next matches.
Koloale coach, Peter Eke, said that the victory is important and goes down to playing tactically against a strong opponent in the form of KOSSA.
“We read their game and built our attack from our defensive area and our players went wide to breakdown the KOSSA defensive setup along the lines before going in to the goal area,” Eke said.
The match played earlier in the afternoon was won by Realas who defeated Naha 2 – 1.
Koloale: Shadrack Ramoni (GK) 20; Welchman Houkaraua 2; Francis Lafi 25; Samson Takayama 5; Mostyn Beui 15; Jeffery Bule 7; Joses Nawo 16; Ian Paia 11; Ezra Sale 10; Benjamin Totori 9; Steve Anisi 23; Subs: Eddie Ramo (GK) 1; Steve Saru 8; George Suri 17; Lency Saeni 13; Abraham Eke Jnr. 19; Presly Futa 18; Leonard Olea 30
KOSSA: Michael Maenu (GK) 1; Seni Ngava 15; Willie Shem 17; James Egeta 7; Ralph Kera 5; Franco Ne’e 12; Nathan Kera 9; Joe Luwi 13; Michael Taeman 6; Nicholas Muri 14; Jeppa Jacobson 11 Subs: Silas Koti (GK) 20; Phillip Ashley 8; Cornelly Rata 4; Alwyn Danitofea 16; Ian Damola 2; Michael Boso 3; David Ramosaea 10
Goals: (KOL) Totori 3’, 60’; Nawo 15’ (KOS) Taeman 10’
Cautions: (KOL) Houkaraua 48’, 66’
Expulsion: (KOL)Houkaraua 66’
Substitutions: (KOL) 61’ (OUT) Lafai, (IN) Saeni; (KOL) 67’ (OUT) Anisi, (IN) Suri; (KOL) 77’ (OUT) Sale, (IN) Futa
(KOS) 61’ (OUT) Taeman, (IN) Ashley; (KOS) 83’ 61’ (OUT) Muri, (IN) Ramosaea

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