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KOSSA wins against Solomon Warriors

It was impossible to decide upon the favourite for the match as both clubs have had good time preparing for their clash and neither was going to let the other one take the win on a platter.
As predicted the first 10 minutes of the game belonged to neither side although KOSSA were the first to settle down.
KOSSA’s advantage in settling down earlier was rewarded by James Egeta’s spectacular goal in the 14th minute. Seeing Izomo Bird off his line Egeta sent in a long chip from the side line that dropped just behind the Solomon Warriors goalkeeper for KOSSA’s first of the match.
After seeing KOSSA go ahead early Solomon Warriors fought back strongly building their attack from their backline through George Kwanae.
After missing a couple of opportunities Solomon Warriors equalised when an error by the KOSSA defenders allowed Casper Aengari to steal the ball and send it home past Samson Koti in the 25th minute.
The first half story was not complete until Jeppa Jacobson’s goal in the 40th minute which was set up by a clever pass from Phillip Ashley pushing KOSSA to 2 – 1 in front.
The second half saw more action from the Solomon Warriors who were looking to come back on level terms with KOSSA on the score boards.
KOSSA were not on their best composure in the second half and struggled to piece together convincing moves against their opponents.
Solomon Warriors, on the other hand, were playing with fluidity down the lines through George Abba and Aengari (Casper).
However, Solomon Warriors efforts did not go into fruition with Aengari (Casper), Junior Billy and Eddie Ngaitini all missing golden opportunities to score from right in front of the KOSSA goalmouth.
The match finished with the addition of extra 2 minutes but KOSSA managed to hold on for a win that may prove to be invaluable for them.
Match Officials
Referee: Nelson SOGO
Assistant Referee 1: Jackson AKOEASI
Assistant Referee 2: Noel BERRY
4th Official: Hamilton SIAU
Solomon Warriors: 1. Izomo BIRD (GK), 22. Brian FENI, 6. George MAKASI, 13. Eddie NGAITINI, 3. George KWANAE, 9. Michael MOLEA, 12. Frazer MAEBULE, 19. George ABBA, 23. Reginald SAEVEPALA, 10. Junior BILLY, 21. Casper AENGARI Subs: 20. Jamie MOLEA, 17. Molea TIGI, 7. Milton SAMSON, 18. Fulton TEMOA, 16. Loea TAISARA, 2. Leonard ROKOTO, 4. Hardis AENGARI
KOSSA: 1. Samson KOTI (GK), 15. Seni NGAVA, 17. Willie SHEM, 5. Ralph KERA, 4. Ian DAMOLA, 10. Franco NE’E, 16. David RAMOSAEA, 7. James EGETA, 13. Michael Taeman, 8. Phillip Ashley, 11. Jeppa Jacobson Subs: 21. Silas SEDA (GK), 6. Eddie LINGI, 3. Michael BOSO, 14. Nathan KERA, 2. Alwyn DANITOFEA, 9. Johnson WANEFAI, 12. Willie LAMANI
Coach: Moses TOATA
Goals: (KOS) James EGETA 14’, (SLW) Casper AENGARI 25’, (KOS) Jeppa Jacobson 40’
Cautions: (SLW) 12. Frazer MAEBULE 34’, (KOS) 11. Jeppa JACOBSON 53’, (SLW) 22. Brian FENI
Expulsions: Nil
Substitutions: (SLW) 40′ George KWANAE [3] by Hardis Aengari [4], (SLW) 47’ Reginald SAEVEPALA [23] by Leonard ROKOTO [2], (SLW) 57’ Frazer MAEBULE [12] by Fulton TEMOA [18], (KOS) 64’ Ian DAMOLA [4] by Alwyn DANITOFEA [2], (KOS) 67’ Franco NE’E [10] by Nathan KERA [14], (SLW) 68′ Hardis Aengari [4]by Loea TAISARA[16], (SLW) 72′ Michael MOLEA [9] by Jamie MOLEA [20]

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