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Warriors seal deal with Kaltack

Kaltack, who is arguably the hottest player from Vanuatu at the moment, impressed the Solomon Warriors management in their recent tri-friendly series with his club Erakor Golden Star played in Honiara. Kaltack found the back of the net twice, despite being a defender, and was the star of the series.
The former Wellington Phoenix apprentice will likely occupy a position in the Solomon Warriors backline but his quality with set-pieces will come in handy as well. With a powerful right foot Kaltack can score from distance and that is something the local champions will need to add variety to their attack.
The foundation of the contract is in the sister club understanding established between Erakor Golden Star and Solomon Warriors. This arrangement paved the way for the tri-friendly series and it has produced another milestone with this signing.
Kaltack said that it has been long held dream of his to play with a Solomon Islands club and Solomon Warriors are the right for him because of the calibre of its players. He acknowledged that the sister club arrangement provided the final impetus after many discussions between Solomon Warriors and Erakor Golden Star.
“After the discussions things looked positive for me so I signed the contract on Thursday. The reason for signing with Solomon Warriors is because of our relationship with them,” Kaltack said.
The feeling is mutual in this case with Solomon Warriors president, Hon. Bodo Detke, saying that Kaltack’s signing is a major achievement for his club.
”It has been a good negotiation to finally get the services of Brian. With this confirmation we can now put to rest speculation that he might play against us with another club,” Bodo Detke said.
Meanwhile information from Solomon Warriors states that the club is still hunting for the signature of internationals Benjamin Totori and Henry Fa’arodo Jnr. who are both based in New Zealand. The aim is to secure the duo before the international transfer window closes at the end of the month.

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