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Solomon Warriors 4 – Hekari United 2

See below text summary of match.
Solomon Warriors: 24. Silas SEDA [GK], 2. Hadisi AENGARI, 4. Tome FAISI, 7. Brian FENI, 13. Moffat KILIFA, 14. Jeffery BULE, 15. Willy DAUDAU, 16. Emmanuel POILA, 17. Micah LEA’ALAFA, 19. Gibson DAUDAU, 23. Gagame FENI Substitutes: 1. Eddie NEWMAN [GK], 3. Welshman HOUKARAWA, 5. Dennis IFUNAOA, 6. Molea TIGI, 12. Jerry DONGA, 18. Sam AYERS, 20. Casper AENGARI,
Coach: Brendan CRICHTON [NZL]
Hekari United: 20. Godfrey BANIAU [GK], 2. Daniel JOE, 9. Nigel DABINYABA, 10. Wira WAMA, 11. Joachim WAROI, 12. David MUTA, 13. Andrew LEPANI, 17. Kema JACK, 19. Koriak UPAIGA, 21. Clifton AUMAE, 25. Taniela WAQA Substitutes: 3. Malon KALTANAK, 4. Kila IARAVAI POLENA, 6. Samuel KINI, 7. Raymond GUNEMBA, 29. Tutizama TANITO
Coach: Jerry ALLEN [SOL]
Match officials:
Referee Salesh CHAND [FIJ]
Assistant Referee 1 Noel BERRY [SOL]
Assistant Referee 2 Jackson NAMO [SOL]
Fourth Official: George TIME [SOL]
The match kicks off
1′ Micah Lea’alafa sets up Gibson Daudau free on the right and his cross finds Moffat Kilifa who heads above the cross bar
2′ A corner kick is awarded to Solomon Warriors, Daudau makes the cross but Godfrey Baniau gathers the ball to safety
5′ A well crafted move by the Solomon Warriors midfielders frees Kilifa again but his shot goes wide
6′ A corner kick is given to Hekari United but the cross goes out
8′ Daniel Joe tries a shot from distance for Hekari United but it fails to find the target
11′Goal Solomon Warriors 1 – Hekari United 0: A through pass from Tome Faisi finds Gagame Feni free behind the Hekari United backline and the former Waitakere United striker curls his shot past Baniau to give the home side the lead
13′Goal Solomon Warriors 2 – Hekari United 0: A counter-attack sets Kilifa through on the right and this time the winger does not make a mistake with an easy chip over Baniau to extend the lead for Solomon Warriors
16′ A free kick is awarded to Solomon Warriors directly in front of goal but they go short to the wing. Hekari United central back Taniela Waqa follows up and clears away
18′ Substitution: Clifton Aumae is replaced by Samuel Kini for Hekari United
19′ Joachim Waroi picks up an aerial pass and turns for goal but his shot is not taken well and the ball goes out
23′ Solomon Warriors win another free kick after Lea’alafa is fouled by Andrew Lepani
27′ Goal Solomon Warriors 3 – Hekari United 0: A free kick allows Jeffery Bule to chip a pass to Kilifa who timed his ran well to beat the offside trap and he beats Baniau with ease for the homeside’s third of the match
29′ Feni (Gagame) tries to repeat Kilifa’s success at goal with a driving run but his final effort is off the mark
31′ A cross by Nigel Dabingyaba of Hekari United aimed for Waroi is cut out by Silas Seda
36′ Kilifa breaks free again on the far side and shoots but does not find the target
38′ A corner kick for Hekari United David Muta is plucked out of the sky by Seda
40′ Hekari United win a free kick 30 yards out from goal, Muta takes the cross but Seda punches but the visiting side win a corner kick.
41′ Waroi crosses the ball in and Waqa heads for goal but Seda saves comfortably
43′ Goal Solomon Warriors 3 – Hekari United 1: Dabingyaba crosses for Waroi who heads into the back of the net
44′ Goal Solomon Warriors 4 – Hekari United 1: Feni (Gagame) hits home a rebound to regain the advantage for Solomon Warriors
45′ One minute of stoppage time will be played for the first half
The first half ends
Substitution: Lepani is replaced by Kila Iaravai for Hekari United
The second half starts
46′ Solomon Warriors win a corner kick after Kilifa’s cross is kicked out by a Hekari United defender. Daudau takes the cross but it is headed away for a throw-in
47′ Daudau is fouled close to the touch line and Solomon Warriors get a chance from a free kick. Daudau crosses in but Waqa picks it up and Hekari United mount a counterattack
49′ Daudau shoots from the edge of 18 yard box but Hekari United defenders scramble the ball away
50′ Waqa fouls Bule heavily just outside the Hekari United penalty area and play is stopped as the injured player receives medical attention. A free kick is awarded to Solomon Warriors.
51′ Feni (Gagame) goes for goal but Baniau saves well
52′ Jack misses an opportunity to score after he misses a cross from Waroi inside the Solomon Warriors penalty box. Local Hekari United fans are dismayed
53′ The counter attack from Solomon Warriors results in a corner kick but the Hekari United backline clear away to safety
56′ Jack misses another opportunity to score for Hekari United, this time his shot goes wide
57′ Substitution: Daudau (Gibson) is replaced by Sam Ayers for Solomon Warriors
58′ Substitution: Taniela Waqa is replaced by Raymond Gunemba for Hekari United
59′ Seda almost costs Solomon Warriors a goal after he fumbles a backpass but he recovers and gathers the ball to safety
61′ Substitution: Feni (Gagame) is replaced by Jerry Donga for Solomon Warriors
62′ Hekari United win a corner kick, Gunemba takes the kick but Seda saves
66′ Substitution: Tome Faisi is replaced by Welchman Houkarawa for Solomon Warriors
67′ Yellow card: Daudau (Willy) is cautioned for a late tackle on Dabingyaba
71′ Dabingyaba forces an excellent save from Seda as he tries to Jack inside the Solomon Warriors penalty box
75′ A free kick is given to Hekari United in a dangerous position, the cross from Muta and Iaravai gets on the end of it but his shot sails above the cross bar
76′ Play is stopped as medical attention is given to Seda who did not recover from an injury sustained in any earlier incident in the game
82′ Seda makes another great save this time from a Wira Wama shot
84′ Emmanuel Poila handles the ball just outside the penalty box and Hekari United get a chance to reduce the scoreline. Muta tries to chip the ball over the wall but puts too much into his effort and the ball goes over the crossbar
87′ Dabingyaba shoots from point blank range but Seda is up to the task and saves solidly
89′ Goal Solomon Warriors 4 – Hekari United 2: Gunemba finishes a perfect one-two with Dabingyaba to keep Hekari United’s hopes alive
90′ Four minutes of additional time is signalled by the fourth official
The match ends

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