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Clubs call for respect

The call from the clubs follows incidents in the previous round of the competition when a group of fans taunted players of the opposing team and match officials with abusive language. This has led to one of the clubs, Western United, presenting a letter of complaint to the S-League management about spectator behaviour.
In their match coordination meeting this week, the club managers agreed to make a unified call to all football fans who turn up for matches at Lawson Tama to show respect to opposing players, match officials and other spectators. The behaviour of the group of fans in question was described as unacceptable and having no place in the game.
The clubs said that while supporting your club is part and parcel of the game there is the boundary of respect that everyone must adhere to. Swearing and threats are not acceptable in this sport because it does not promote the spirit of Fair Play.
We want people to come out and support the game in a manner that promote the values of football. Spectators, especially families, will turn their backs on the game if such behaviour continues and in the long term we will all lose was the message from the club.
The S-League management has also issued a strong warning to clubs that they are responsible for the behaviour of their fans and where warranted disciplinary action will be taken against clubs whose fans go beyond what is acceptable behaviour.

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