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Debutants take on former finalists

This match is expected to draw a huge crowd to Lawson Tama stadium as the public gets the chance to more international action. However, for most it will be an opportunity to see how, Solomon Warriors, a club that has dominated the local scene fare internationally.
Technically, Solomon Warriors boasts some of the best players in Oceania and the transition may pan out without a hitch. Led by Judd Molea in the midfield, Solomon Warriors, has in its arsenal a plethora of players who can get the job done and comfortably so if their game plan works out right. Several of its players have played in the former O-League competition including defenders Emmanuel Poila, formerly of Marist, and Tome Faisi, who was part of the 2008 KOSSA team that sparked the Melanesian revolution that saw Koloale, Hekari United and Amicale all make it to the finals.
With three friendly matches against the Solomon Islands national team tucked away comfortably, confidence is something that the Solomon Warriors already ooze. They are also backed by a stringent training program under the leadership of New Zealander Brendan Chrichton along with his assistant Moses Toata.
However, Solomon Warriors are preferring to enter the scene as underdogs and make use of the fact that none of their opponents have ever played them before.
“We would be preferred as the underdogs also being new to the OFC Champions League,” says Chrichton, who in 2010 just missed out on qualifying with the club after losing to Koloale in a close final.
The former Nelson Suburbs manager said that the first game will be unpredictable because either clubs have little knowledge of each other but he sees this as a strength rather than a weakness.
Their opponents, however, are a well fitted unit with club owner Andrew Leong bringing in a significant number of internationals to reinforce his Vanuatuan mainstays. Four Solomon Islanders will take the pitch for Amicale along with signings from Fiji, Senegal and France also attracting a lot of local attention.
Recent training sessions in Honiara offered a hint of what Amicale has to offer on the pitch. The team seemed to interact with ease and displayed finesse and accuracy with their drills. Physically their players will have an advantage but that may not amount to anything if Solomon Warriors keep the ball close and on the ground.
Of course, the final whistle will determine the whistle but this game has everything a football fan can ever dream to see. There is suspense in the unpredictability of the result and both teams have the firepower to match. So the best bet is to be where the action is and draw the conclusions as proceedings take place.
Information for the public:
OFC Champions League
Solomon Warriors v Amicale
3:00pm, Saturday 30 March, 2013
Lawson Tama stadium
Tickets: Grandstand $70-00 Hillside Adults $20 Hillside children $10 [Available from 9:00am at Lawson Tama stadium]

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