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Solomon Islands v New Zealand

Solomon Islands: 1. Samson Koti (GK), 8. George Wagena, 6. David Naitoro, 3. Arnold Keni, 7. Freddie Kini, 13. Leonard Rokoto, 10. Himson Teleda, 16. Tutizama Tanito, 18. Henry Fa’arodo, 9. Benjamin Totori, 14. Paul Hiri,Subs: 20. Leon Fox (GK), 2. Edika Maeta, 5. Coleman Makau, 4. Clifford Wate, 12. Joe Luwi, 11. Ian Paia, 15. Tinoni Ratu
Coach: Jacob Moli (SOL)
New Zealand: 12. Jacob Spoonley, 3. Scott Aaron, 4. Ben Sigmund, 22. Andrew Durante, 14. Ian Hogg, 9. Luke Rowe, 10. Lindsay Cameron, 13. Dan Keat, 19. Aaron Clapham, 17. Kosta Barbarouses, 18. Tim PayneSubs: 1. Mark Paston, 7. Leo Bertos, 16. Jeremy Brockie
Coach: Ricki Herbert (NZL)
Match Officials:
Referee: Averii Jacques
Assistant Referee 1: Paul Ahupu
Assistant Referee 2: Mahit Chilia
Fourth Official: Robisson Banga
0’ The match kicks off.
4’ Goal Solomon Islands 0 New Zealand 1: New Zealand get the lead after Tim Payne scores an easy goal past Samson Koti. The local crowd is not happy with the home side.
5’ A free kick is given to Solomon Islands following a tackle on Benjamin Totori but Henry Fa’arodo’s direct attempt is too high.
12′ Yellow card: Ian Hogg receives the first caution of the match.
15′ The match has evened out and Solomon Islands are starting to get into the game. However, New Zealand are still maintaining an advantage with clinical passing and through running which tested the Solomon Islands defence quite a number of times already.
20′ A poor tackle by Paul Hiri on Dan Keat gives New Zealand a freekick in a good position but Solomon Islands quickly recover to neutralise the threat.
21′ Totori is fouled just outside the 18 yard box and Solomon Islands are given a free kick in an ideal position. Fa’arodo’s shot mirrors his earlier attempt and sails over the cross bar.
22′ Fa’arodo wakes up the home crowd with some fancy finish that is on target but Jacob Spoonley sends the ball out for a corner kick. The corner kick is taken short and Totori’s cross is gathered up by Spoonley.
25′ Himson Teleda works up a good run on the wing and his cross finds Totori in the New Zealand penalty box but good defending forces the ball out.
26′ Another corner kick is awarded to Solomon Islands but the cross from Tutizama Tanito is hit away by Spoonley.
31′ A water break is called for the teams as the ground temperature hits 32 degree celcius.
35′ New Zealand are in control once again as they start to bait the Solomon Islands players out front before launching long passes behind the defenders. So far their timing has been off and the assistant referee has been required to raise his flag more than a couple of times.
37′ Payne breaks through with a long pass following him but his cross is cut out by Koti.
41′ Kosta Barbarouses almost gets another goal for the visitors but his shot just edges the top of the Solomon Islands crossbar.
42′ New Zealand are looking to get another goal before halftime and are mounting the pressure on the Solomon Islands papers.
45′ Two minutes of stoppage time shall be played for the first half.
The halftime whistle is blown.
The second half kicks off.
47′ New Zealand players appeal for a penalty after some rough play in the Solomon Islands penalty box.
50′ Koti makes a good save for Solomon Islands after a shot from Aaron Clapham.
53′ New Zealand make another good break against Solomon Islands but defender George Wagena heads the ball to safety. New Zealand are maintaining their dominance over Solomon Islands and the home crowd is getting frustrated.
56′ Payne and Barbarouses combine well in front of the Solomon Islands goal but the shot does not come as Koti rushes out to pluck the ball to safety.
57′ An early tackle by Tanito on Luke Rowe results in a freekick for New Zealand. Play is stopped as medical attention is given to the injured player.
58′ Fa’arodo beats Ben Sigmund before going for a shot but the New Zealand defenders recover and Spoonley eventually gets the situation under control.
62′ Substitution: Joe Luwi comes in to replace Paul Hiri for Solomon Islands.
63′ Substitution: David Naitoro is replaced by Edika Maeta for Solomon Islands.
64′ Substitution:Luke Rowe is replaced by Jeremy Brockie for New Zealand.
67′ Payne shoots from distance but Koti is up to the task and saves spectacularly.
69′ A scissor tacke by Teleda on Scott results in a free kick for New Zealand. New Zealand try to mount a counterattack on Solomon Islands but the through pass from Clapham goes wide and leaves the field of play.
72′ Tanito is leading a resurgence for Solomon Islands on the right wing as they get four corners in succession which all go to waste thanks to the stubborn New Zealand defence.
75′ Lindsay Cameron sends a curling shot but Koti punches the ball away. New Zealand a cornerkick but Sigmund heads over the cross bar.
77′ Payne becomes frustrated with his teammates after nobody chased a cross he sent.
78′ New Zealand are starting to come out of their defence and taking the game right into the Solomon Islands penalty area. For the most of the game they appeared comfortable to sit inside their own area and attack Solomon Islands with long passes.
80′ Payne sends in a half cross half shot into the Solomon Islands penalty area but Koti beats the attacking players to make a good save.
82′ Another great save is forced out of Koti, this time from a cornerkick.
83′ Substitution:Clifford Wate comes in for Himson Teleda for Solomon Islands. Substitution:Aaron Scott is replaced by Leo Bertos for New Zealand.
85′ Tanito wins another freekick for Solomon Islands close to the sideline. Totori lines up a shot on goal but Spoonley punches the ball out for a cornerkick. The cross results in a another cornerkick.
86′ The cornerkick is taken short but New Zealand push through and win the ball for a counterattack.
88′ Brockie has his first attempt of the game but he shoots wide.
89′ Goal Solomon Islands 0 New Zealand 1: Payne takes the game to safety for New Zealand with the all important buffer goal. Barbarouses made the first attempt and Payne finishes with the rebound.
90′ 4 minutes of additional time will be played.
The final whistle is sounded.

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