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Malaita Kingz 1 – Real Kakamora 2

The encounter did not offer up a lot breath-taking moments in the first half and most of the cutthroat action came late in the match. However, it was Malaita Kingz who showed better effort in the first half and could have notched more than just one on the score board.
The absence of their main defenders also left them Malaita Kingz exposed at the back – Derrick Taebo, John Iani and George Kakai were all missing from their starting lineup. Coach, Batram Suri, had to stitch together something from his remaining players and that meant several players playing of position.
James Egeta scored Malaita Kingz’ only goal of the 16 minutes into play – his shot came from distance and gave the Real Kakamora goalkeeper, Maepeza Gina little time to react. Soon after the goal Gina was replaced by Dida Qwaina with indications of a shoulder injury.
Malaita Kingz tried to build on the momentum from Egeta’s goal but it was not easy getting past the Real Kakamora backline. Consequently, they were forced to shoot from distance and this did little to trouble Qwaina.
Real Kakamora returned in the second half with more purpose and soon started to trouble the makeshift Malaita Kingz backline. Davidson Tome was enjoying free runs on the left wing and Cornelly Rata’s presence was more felt by the Malaita Kingz defenders.
Midfielder, Jeff Kuper, equalised for Real Kakamora in the 67th minute from a set piece free kick 30 yards out. Kuper curled the ball around the Malaita Kingz wall and the ball dipped to the ground before bouncing into net.
From there it was all Real Kakamora who could sense a victory for them was pending and they tried to snatch it with both arms. The winner came nine minutes after Kuper’s goal and it was from Tome on the left wing. Tome took the ball into the penalty box and despite the tight angle managed to squeeze the shot past Leon Fox.
Malaita Kingz were given an opportunity to reclaim something from the game with four minutes of added time but could not muster anything convincing against the rejuvenated Real Kakamora pack.
Real Kakamora remain bottom of the table in eighth place despite picking up three points from the win though they now tally seven points. Malaita Kingz are one point ahead of them in seventh place.
Malaita Kingz: 1 (James Egeta 16’)
Real Kakamora: 2 (Jeff Kuper 67’, Davidson Tome 76’)
Halftime: 1-0
See below play by play text summary.
0’ Match kicks off
5’ Malaita Kingz are attacking strongly in the opening minutes
16’ Goal Malaita Kingz 1 – Real Kakamora 0: James Egeta scores from distance for Malaita Kingz
32’ Richard Fono shoots wide from distance
40’ Paul Hiri breaks free past the Malaita Kingz defence but his shot goes wide
44’ Augustine Toimae forces Leon Fox to a diving save
45’ Two minutes of stoppage time is added
The first half ends
50’ Real Kakamora restart with more urgency
67’ Goal Malaita Kingz 1 – Real Kakamora 1: Jeff Kuper curls a freekick past the Malaita Kingz wall and into the net
76’ Goal Malaita Kingz 1 – Real Kakamora 2: Davidson Tome scores from a tight angle
80’ Malaita Kingz try to break the Real Kakamora defence again but it is proving difficult
90’ Four minutes of additional time is added
The match ends

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