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Lautoka take home 3 points

The odds were slightly in favour of the home side having access to all of their best players for the match. Their line up included Benjamin Totori, George Suri, Samson Takayama and experienced goalkeeper Shadrack Ramoni.
Lautoka, on the other hand, travelled from Fiji without some of its top players including Kamal Hassan who scored at Lawson Tama in their 2009 meeting with Marist.
Koloale controlled much of the first half and could have scored twice before finding themselves behind in the 16th minute courtesy of a Matthew Mayora strike which caught Shadrack Ramoni off guard.
Backed by the majority of the spectators Koloale were not shaken by the first goal and quickly regrouped to put Lautoka under pressure.
Koloale almost got their equaliser in the 22nd minute when Totori makes a brilliant run down the line before turning in to take the shot but James Nicholas is quick enough to go low and make the save from what would have been a sure goal.
Four (4) minutes later Lautoka went up by 2 goals when Mayora picks up a high pass from his midfielders at the edge of the Koloale 18 yard box and beats Welshman Houkaraua before shooting past Ramoni for his second of the match.
Koloale came fighting back after Lautoka’s 2 goals and Ian Paia found the back of the net for them in the 35th minute to come within 1 goal of their opponents.
Paia’s goal was hotly disputed by the Lautoka players who claimed that he was in an offside situation when he took the shot but the first assistant referee stood by his decision to allow the goal.
Koloale tried to equalise before halftime but Lautoka were in control and kept them at bay.
The second half kicked off with more hunger for the equaliser from Koloale but Lautoka kept them disappointed.
Again Koloale had more chances to score as in the first half but they could not turn them into goals as Lautoka consolidated their strength at the back and slowed the game down to their favour.
Halfway through the second half Koloale were struggling as Lautoka smothered each and every one of their attacking moves.
Even the addition of 5 minutes of stoppage time failed to help Koloale gather something from the game and it was all over when full time was signalled.
Lautoka coach, Gurjit Singh, was happy with how his side played saying that they had only 2 good chances and they took them.
Koloale captain, Totori, was disappointed about the loss but thanked the fans who turned up at Lawson Tama to support them.
“We did everything that we could in this game but unfortunately the results did not come our way,” Totori said.
Lautoka’s only downside for the match were the 3 yellow cards issued to Nahuel Arrarte, Marika Robakanadavu and captain Alvin Avinesh.
Koloale did not concede any cards.
Match Officials
Referee: Chrsitopher KERR (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Gerald OIAKA (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Jackson AKOEASI (SOL)
4th Official: George TIME (SOL)
Koloale: 16. Shadrack RAMONI (GK),2. Welshman HOUKARAWA, 5. Samson TAKAYAMA, 7. Jeffrey BULE, 9. Benjamin TOTORI, 10. Ezra SALE, 11. Ian PAIA, 15. Mostyn BEUI, 23. Steven ANISI, 25. Francis LAFAI , 28. Joses NAWO Subs: 20. Felix RAY JNR (GK), 6. George SURI, 8. Steven SARU, 13. Lency SAENI, 19. Abraham EKE JNR, 24. Peter AUGA, 30. Leonard SALE OLA
Coach: Peter EKE (SOL)
Lautoka: 4. Semesa NAKOSIA, 7. Valerio NAWATU, 5. Marika ROBANAKADAVU, 9. Leone VURUKANIA, 3. Alvin AVINESH, 15. Mathew MAYORA, 16. Jone VONO, 6. Avindra NAIDU, 10. Judd MOLEA, 11. Nahuel ARRARTE, 1. James NICHOLAS (GK) Subs: 22. Parmesh PRASAD (GK), 13. Billy DARWICH, 14. Shameel RAO, 8. Niumaia TAGI
Coach: Gurjit SINGH (FIJ)
Goals: (LAU) [15] Matthew MAYORA 16′, 26′; (KOL) [11] Ian PAIA 32’
Cautions: (LAU) [11] Nahuel ARRARTE 2’; [5] Marika ROBAKANADAVU 51’; [3] Alvin Avinesh 59’
Substitutions: (LAU) 43’ [10] Judd MOLEA by [8] Niumaia TAGI; (LAU) 57’ [5] Marika ROBANAKADAVU by [14] Shameel RAO; (KOL) 59’ [10] Ezra Sale by [13] Lency Saeni; (KOL) [11] Ian PAIA by [8] Steven SARU; (LAU) [15] Matthew Mayora by [13] by Billy DARWICH
Match Summary:
0:00′ Kick off. Benjamin Totori fires a kick off attempt towards the Lautoka gates but it goes wide.
1:00′ Koloale win a corner but the pass goes wrong and out for a goal kick.
2:00′ Caution: Nahuel Arrarte is yellow carded for a reckless tackle.
3:00′ Koloale win a free kick but Totori sends it into the Lautoka wall and they have to regroup from the back.
5:07′ Koloale make a break through Ezra Sale but good recovery defending sees the ball out. Follow up from Totori almost goes in but a great save from James Nicholas stops the ball from going in.
6:42′ Jeffery Bule brings Judd Molea down for a Lautoka free kick. Molea takes the kick but sends it too long down the line.
7:31′ Koloale are dominating proceedings at this stage but slowly Lautoka are coming into the game.
8:43′ Valerio Nawatu shoots from a narrow angle and misses but wins a corner from a Koloale defensive error. The corner kick is chested out by Bule for Lautoka to claim their second corner of the match.
10:48′ Sale fumbles a Ian Paia pass and the Lautoka defenders crowd him out.
11:30′ Molea sends in a short chip pass but nobody is there to make use of it.
12:00′ Both teams are settling into the match but the rain before the match has made the pitch wet and makes passing difficult.
13:30′ Molea wins another free kick after a heavy tackle from Welshman Houkaraua which sent him tumbling into the air. He has to leave the field for medical attention.
14:39:’ Alvin Avinesh sends the free kick straight to Shadrack Ramoni.
15:07′ Koloale make a break down the line and Totori breaks free for a shot from outside the 18 yard box but it goes wide.
15:50′ Goal: Lautoka 1 – Koloale 0 Matthew Mayora sends Lautoka in front with a powerful shot that beats Ramoni easily.The local fans go silent.
17:50′ Lautoka are slowing the game down while Koloale are fighting hard for the equaliser.
18:39′ Nawatu attempts a volley but the ball spins out of control for a Koloale goal kick.
20:00′ The match is evening out as Lautoka claw their way back to share the possession evenly with Koloale.
21:30′ Totori breaks down the far side and turns into the 18 yard box for the shot but Nicholas makes another good save to deny Koloale the equaliser.
22:08′ Samson Takayama has to receive medical attention after a clash with a Lautoka player off the ball. Koloale are down to 10.
24:00′ Lautoka win another free kick after a tackle from Joses Nawo. Avindra Naidu sends in a lofted cross from the free kick but Steve Anisi is able to make the clearance after a scramble in front of the Koloale goal.
25:01′ Goal: Lautoka 2 – Koloale 0 An excellent cross from a Lautoka midfielder gives Mayora space and time to beat Ramoni for the second time in the match.The local fans are not happy with proceedings at Lawson Tama.
28:20′ Sale follows a rebound from Paia but Nicholas again makes a save.
29:03′ Koloale make another run into Lautoka territory and this time Totori sets Sale up for the shot but Nicholas is just at the top of his game today and blocks Sale’s attempt.
30:00′ Koloale are starting to control the midfield but Lautoka are now playing confidently with their 2 goal buffer.
32:20′ Nawatu moves down the line with the ball but losses it for a Koloale throw. The sun has now returned to Lawson Tama.
33:11′ Koloale misses another scoring chance when Totori is prevented from taking a shot by quick movement from a Lautoka defender.
34:21′ Goal: Koloale 1 – Lautoka 2 Ian Paia scores from inside the 6 yard box after Bule sends him a quick low pass. Lautoka players are not happy with the goal claiming that Paia was in an offside position but the crowd at Lawson Tama does not mind.
36:09′ The first assistant referee signals a handball on the part of Nicholas indicati
ng that he took the goal kick outside his 18 yard box. Totori lines up the free kick but it goes straight into the wall.
38:15′ Totori has a wonderful opportunity to score from inside the 18 yard box after picking a rebound shot but his attempt goes just high.
39:23′ Totori receives a long pass from Beui and turns into the Lautoka 18 yard box and fires a cracking shot but Nicholas is up to the challenge.
42:30′ Nawo picks up a pass on the far side and beats a Lautoka defender before sending in the shot but it goes high and out.
43:20′ Substitution: Molea is replaced by Niumaia Tagi.
44:15′ Jone Vono shoots from just outside the Koloale 6 yard box but it goes wide.
45:00′ Stoppage time of 2 minutes is added to the first half.
45:00 + 0:40 Mayora misses the chance for Lautoka to go 3 – 1 in front after a pin point pass from Vono on his left.
The referee signals the end of the first half.
45:00 Second half kicks off.
48:50′ Koloale win a free kick but nothing comes of it as Lautoka block their advance.
49:23′ Koloale almost equalise with Nawo sending a quick pass to Paia but 2 Lautoka defenders crowd out the young forward.
50:50′ Caution: Marika Robakanadavu receives a yellow card for diving.
53:00′ Koloale build an attack but the final pass from Sale is cut off by Leone Vurukania as he opted for the fancy flick although he had time.
54:39′ Nawatu lets off Lautoka’s first shot of the second half but sends it high and does not trouble Ramoni.
57:00′ Substitution: Robakanadavu is replaced by Shameel Rao.
58:56′ Caution: Alvin Avinesh receives a yellow card for holding Nawo after he was beaten by the Koloale paceman.
59:00′ Substitution: Sale is replaced by Lency Saeni for Koloale
61:40′ Arrarte shoots after a bad pass from Bule is picked up by the Lautoka midfielders. Ramoni is not troubled and makes a safe save. Lautoka are now slowing to a pace as they play the time game at every opportunity that they can.
64:55′ A top level pass was put in for Bule by Totori but Nicholas runs out to poke the ball away before Bule could connect with it.
65:51′ Nawatu almost scores with a quick run into the Koloale 18 yard box easily beating Ramoni with his shot but not the goal post.
69:01′ Both Paia and Nicholas limp with injury after a clash inside the latter’s 18 yard box. Both players require medical attention and the players use the break for some liquid replenishment.
73:00′ The game has slowed down and both teams are not registering much in each other’s 18 yard box. Lautoka are happy to play the ball around to eat up time knowing that they are in front. Koloale have lost their momentum a little bit and they need to wake back into their situation.
75:49′ Substitution: Paia is replaced by Steven Saru.
76:40′ Koloale win a corner kick. Nawo sends it into the Lautoka 18 yard box but the tall Lautoka defenders easily put the situation under control.
80:00′ Takayama is sent to the sidelines by the referee to clean up an earlier injury which is continuing to bleed.
82:00′ Totori makes another dazzling run into the Lautoka penalty box but he is forced to take a shot which goes out far and wide.
85:00′ Totori goes out for some medical attention and Koloale lose their momentum once again as Lautoka stamp their control with minutes remaining. Koloale need to do something to get something out from this game.
86:15′ Substitution: Goalscorer Mayora is replaced by Billy Darwich for Lautoka.
89:36′ Bule sends in a hopeful shot which does not go anywhere near the Lautoka goal.
90:00 Stoppage time of 5 minutes is added. Spectators are starting to leave Lawson Tama now as hope for a Koloale win dwindles.
90:00 + 2:00′ Nawo has another chance to equalise for Koloale but good defending from Lautoka denies him the opportunity.
90:00 + 3:30′ Koloale win a corner. Totori’s low corner is put back to Beui who fires on target but Nicholas quickly goes low to make the save.
90:00 + 4:10′ Bule receives a good pass from Beui but Nicholas rushes out to prevent him from taking a shot.
Referee signals the end of the match.

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