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Current women’s team fittest: Topue

Topue said that as a trainer he is impressed with the dedication of the players to their training and this has encouraged him to work harder to get the results that they wanted.
“To play well you have to be fit so we have made sure that our players are fit by working on several target areas for the players such as endurance, strength and also weight management,” Topue said.
“Over the last 2 months we have achieved a lot and I am wiling to say that the players will impress us all at the nations cup.”
Fitness has been one of the demons haunting women’s football teams in Solomon Islands after their poor performance in the 2007 South Pacific Games was narrowed down to their being unfit by critics.
This time round the story has turned and a fitness test held last week proved that SIFF’s investment in a fitness trainer for the women’s team is showing results.
According to Topue, results from the test that was conducted showed that all the players have reached the required level of fitness that anyone can ask of them.
“I am very happy with the results that we got from the test. All but one player has passed so the team is in good shape,’ Topue said.
Besides working on their fitness level another of Topue’s major concerns for the players during their preparation was their weight.
Consequently, he put in place a strict diet regime that has helped some of the players reach their optimum height/weight ratio.
Topue was involved in the preparation of the women’s team in 2007 and was able to say that the current players are light years apart from that team.
“The current team is far better prepared than the 2007 team that went to the South Pacific Games. The fitness level of the team is right and the technical skills of the players has greatly improved,” Topue said.
“Our women can now play one touch football like men and the many admirers who stood to watch them during their training sessions can testify to that.”
In addition Topue said that the team members have also worked together better on their mental preparation and bonding.
“The different departments in the team have been spending time together in the evenings during camp to discuss their roles and this is a positive initiative and signal from the players,” Topue said. “It underlines our conviction to do well in this championship.”

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