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Teachers say Just Play is just right

Commendation was given especially to the design of the Just Play manual which was said to be simple and easy for instructors to communicate to students.
One of the teachers who received training under the program, George Foli, said that he has found the instruction manual to be very user friendly.
“Looking through the course manual I can easily understand the content and the sessions are easy for lay coaches to set up and run for their students,” Foli said.
The best bit about the Just Play program during the kids festival was that each participating school was given the equipment that would allow the teachers to actually implement the training with the students in their schools.
These equipment packs contained balls, cones, markers, bibs and whistles aimed at rolling out the practice sessions as soon as the schools arrive back home.
Foli who teaches in Gwaigeo Primary School in Malaita Province said that when he returns to his school he will use what he learned from the training workshop for his students.
“We are going to form a partnership with other schools in our locality. This association will ensure that other students also share in the Just Play training,” Foli said.
“The idea is to use weekends for combined training and with support from the Malaita Football Association we can organise competitions with prizes.”
Similar sentiments have been expressed by other teachers who took part in the Just Play training workshop.
Steve Puia who teaches at Vanua Primary School in Rennel Bellona said that finally he has the training and the equipment to run football programs for his school.
“Our students enjoy football but playing usually stops as soon we do not have any balls,” Puia said. “With this program I believe more people in Rennel Bellona will be playing football.”
The Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) is hoping that the teachers who trained under Just Play will implement the program for their schools.
SIFF Special Projects Project Manager Phillip Ohoto’ona said that the kids festival has given SIFF an unique opportunity to share Just Play with schools other than the ones in the pilot project launched earlier this year.
“It takes money to go out and run trials and workshops in the provinces so the kids festival has enabled us to deliver to more schools than we ever could have at one time,” Ohoto’ona said. “The responsibility now lies with the teachers.”
The Just Play program is funded by the Australian Government through the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC).

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