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Honiara West win Bilikiki Challenge

The match ended controversially due to a technicality but eventually the match officials were able to regain control and the match was awarded to Honiara West. The controversy stemmed from a late Honiara West goal which was supposedly scored after the signal from the timekeeper that the match had ended. However, after consulting with each other the match officials ruled that the referee had not ended the match yet and, thus, the goal was legally scored.
The grand final match started evenly with the first period but Bilikiki Sliders controlled a slight upperhand in terms of ball possession. However, it took them 8 minutes to score when Robert Laua eased home the first goal. Quickly the scores were back level when Clement Liliomea scored in the 10th minute. Fredrick Dola then gave Honiara West the lead when he scored 2 minutes into the second period and their way to victory seemed set when Luke Kabitana extended the lead to 3 – 1. However, McPhillip Aisa kept Bilikiki Sliders close behind when he scored just before the period ended. Bilikiki Sliders opened the third period confidently and Aisa levelled the scores just after the restart and Ian Ngahugari put them in front with a spectacular long range shot. However, Honiara West were not down and they scored twice before the final whistle to finish with a narrow victory.
The match was a close one and something special had to come about to separate the 2 evenly match sides. Bilikiki Sliders played fluidly moving about the pitch with their attack but Honiara West were around to keep them in check. In the final third, Honiara West fell to defending and then applied pressure in counterattacks and this strategy produced the 2 late goals that won the game for them.
The third and fourth place final was won by Bilikiki Fliers. They defeated KOSSA by 6 – 3 in an evenly fought contest which the Bilikiki side won through experience and better ball handling on the sand. Ben Hibiscus top performed for Bilikiki Fliers scoring 3 goals while veteran, Gideon Omokirio, followed closely behind with 2 goals. Harrison Mala was KOSSA’s top player in the match with the youngster displaying a natural talent for the code striking twice to help his team to a respectable finish.
The Bilikiki Challenge beach soccer tournament was sponsored by DJ Graphics Ltd. A date for the next edition of the competition will be announced next week.

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