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Marist Fire 2 – KOSSA 2

Primo Maeke’s header, 2 minutes into stoppage time was barely attempted by the KOSSA goalkeeper and the ball floated into the net without any challenge. The goal had its origins in a defensive error that allowed Marist Fire to regain possession deep in their opponent’s territory. The equaliser came after KOSSA was leading 2 – 1 for more than an hour.
KOSSA acting coach, Chris Asipara, says that it was disappointing not to win but it was good also not to lose.
“Unfortunately, we let our guard down in the final minute and this cost us the win,” Asipara lamented. “A win would have meant us much but we can be happy to have gained something from this match.”
Marist Fire were the first ones to score after John Feraka put them in front after only 7 minutes of play. Eight (8) minutes later Paul Wale, turned the heat up when he equalised for KOSSA. The momentum helped KOSSA to another goal and the lead after defender Stanton Hila’s lucky strike 20 minutes into play.
Soon after KOSSA’s second goal, however, the skies above Lawson Tama opened up and the pitch became too flooded to allow play to continue. Due to concerns for player safety match referee, Gerald Oiaka called for the match to be halted until there was a favourable change in the weather. The change did come and the match resumed more than an hour after it was stopped.
After the break the match became scrappy as the wet conditions sped up the movement of the ball and both sides found it difficult to build up their attack properly. The condition of the pitch also lifted up the number of cards issued during the match and by fulltime the total had reached 6, a record number for yellow cards and red cards given per match so far in this season.
The 2 – 2 draw registered both teams’ first points of the season, however, it does not change a lot in terms of position in the Telekom S-League league ladder. KOSSA still remain in bottom place and Marist Fire are just one notch above in the 7th position.
Line ups
Marist Fire: 20. Phillip Mango; 5. Casper Beliga; 19. Alfred Pamoana; 2. Arnold Olisanau; 7. Fred Bala; 18. Lency Sale; 17. Primo Maeke; 14. Appolos Talo; 4. Augustine Tagana; 10. Henry To’o; 15. John Feraka Subs: 20. Navusu Kitu; 13. Fredrick Dola; 11. Cliff Omori; 8. Norman Miniti;
Coach: Patrick Miniti
KOSSA: 12. Willie Riqeo; 14. Johnson Wanefai; 7. Paul Wale; 8. Phillip Ashley; 11. Steve Rongosulia; 25. Polycarp Bonave; 15. Seni Ngava; 6. Michael Sira; 3. Stanton Hila; 5. Alwyn Danitofea; 17. David Ramosaea Subs: 10. Michael Misitana; 9. Harrison Mala; 4. Marcky Genora; 16. Owen Mani
Coach: Fred Osifelo
Match Officials
Referee: Gerald Oiaka
Assistant Referee 1: Bazely Kareatu
Assistant Referee 2: Jeffery Solodia
Fourth Official: George Time

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