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Cultural night showcases traditional dances

Before the dances started it was announced that Our Telekom, the major sponsor of the event, will be sponsoring $2000-00 worth of equipment to the winning school and that the performances would be judged.
Organising committee members, Samson Faisi and Ian Rarawa, and volunteer liaison officer Anotinette Miniti were the judges for the first cultural night.
Seven (7) schools were given the stage and they delighted the crowd with their performances and brought out cheers of laughter as humor started to creep into some of the dances.
The first group to perform was Pokilo from Savo Island in the Central Province. Theirs was a traditional stick dance that portrayed the tale of a battle.
Unfortunately, their girls were not able to perform their dance.
Ogho Primary School from Choiseul was the second group of the night. They introduced their ‘queen’ dressed in full traditional costume before performing a war dance with a song. The Ogho dancers were energetic and they easily impressed the spectators. The judges, however, were harder to impress.
However, the talk of the night was the performance from Rennel Bellona province school, Vanua. Their entrance to the stage was a show in itself. Chanting they marched onto the stage dressed in tapa cloth and carrying war clubs.
Besides winning the hearts of the spectators, Vanua was selected to perform at the farewell dinner of the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) President, Reynald Temarii, scheduled for Wednesday (22nd September, 2010).
Already captivating the audience with their confidence the Vanua dancers elaborated into the popular war canoe dance that electrified the crowd and sent everybody cheering.
Another interesting performance of the night was from Lilura Primary School of Isabel Province. The boys performed a war dance with clubs before the girls did the ‘sale olo sale’ song. Their costumes were made from traditional material and this helped them gather important points against the other teams.
Other schools that took part in the first night were Poitete of Western Province, Chung Wah of Honiara and Kulu of Guadalcanal Province.
The remaining schools will perform in the second cultural night on Friday.

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