Beach tourney kicks off today

This year’s championship features Central Islands, Western Kikios, Guadalcanal Vali, Northern United, Honiara East, Honiara West, Makira Ulawa Sharks and Makira Ulawa Eels. The teams bring together the country’s top beach soccer talent for 5 days of action on the sands that will conclude on Saturday.
Each match day has four games lined up with the first one kicking off at 10:00am this morning. The first 3 days cover only the group stage matches. The fourth day of the championship has been reserved as a rest day but may be used to play any catch-up matches. The semi finals will take place on Friday 29 July and the finals will follow the next day.
The opening fixture is between Makira Ulawa Sharks and Honiara East and this will be followed by Northern United’s clash with Makira Ulawa Eels. Western Kikio will take on Central Islands in the 2:00pm fixture before Guadalcanal Vali and Honiara West wrap proceedings on day 1 of the competition.
See below the competition schedule for the rest of the week.
Day 1: Monday 25 July, 2011
10:00am Makira Ulawa Sharks v. Honiara East
12:00n Makira Ulawa Eels v. Northern United
2:00pm Central Islands v. Western Kikio
4:00pm Guadalcanal Vali v. Honiara West
Day 2: Tuesday 26 July, 2011
10:00am Guadalcanal v. Makira Ulawa Eels
12:00n Central Islands v. Makira Ulawa Sharks
2:00pm Honiara West v. Northern United
4:00pm Western Kikio v. Honiara East
Day 3: Wednesday 27 July, 2011
10:00am Makira Ulawa Eels v. Honiara West
12:00n Makira Ulawa Sharks v. Western Kikio
2:00pm Northern United v. Guadalcanal
4:00pm Honiara East v. Central Islands
Day 4: Thursday 28th July, 2011
Day 5: Friday 29th July, 2011
1:00pm Semi final 1
3:00pm Semi final 2
Day 6: Saturday 30 July, 2011
1:00pm Third/fourth place final
3:00pm Grand final

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