Sharks through to final

Northern United were slight favourites over their opponents but that notion was turned on its head as soon as the match started. Makira Ulawa Sharks were simply in no mood for complexities as they shot for goal at every opportunity they had and their efforts earned them a memorable 7 – 3 win.
Makira Ulawa Sharks struck 4 times in the opening third compared to Northern United’s lone goal from John Hareni. With Nicholas Muri heavily pinned down by the opposing defence the task of scoring goal for the team was left to Ian Ngahugari and he did not disappoint with 3 goals from 3 shots. Muri despite being the marked man was able to register one for his side in the first third bringing the score line to 4 – 1 when the referee called the break.
A strong fight back was mounted by Northern United in the second third and their defence prevented any goals from Makira Ulawa Sharks. Their efforts up front also resulted in 2 goals which helped narrow down the score line. James Egeta was on target from close range but before that Gideon Omokirio helped himself to a goal from the restart. This moved the score line to a narrower 4 to 3 in favour of Makira Ulawa Sharks.
The momentum from the second third appeared to continue in the final third as Northern United got one more goal through Egeta to level the scores at 4-all. However, any hope that the match was going to go Northern United’s way was dashed when Muri edged his team back in front and further goals from Ngahugari and John Kahu helped Makira Ulawa Sharks close the game with a big win.
Makira Ulawa Sharks will play Honiara West in the grand final which will be held at 4:00pm tomorrow at DC Park.

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