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Koloale 2 – Hekari United 1

Below is the match summary.
The line-ups are as follows:
Koloale: 5. Samson Takayama; 7. Jeffery Bule; 9. Benjamin Totori (c); 11. Ian Paia; 15. Mostyn Beui; 17. George Suri; 16. Shadrack Ramoni (GK); 23. Steven Anisi; 25. Francis Lafai; 27. Joses Nawo; 30. Leonard Olea Subs: 1. Eddie Ramo (GK); 3. Freddie Kini; 14. Augustine Samani; 10. Ezra Sale; 13. Lency Saeni; 19. Abraham Eke Jnr.; 24. Gabriel Eke;
Hekari United: 27. Andrew Setefano; 6. Abraham Iniga; 9. Tuimasi Manuca; 12. David Muta (c); 14. Neil Hans; 18. Ericson Komeng; 19. Koriak Upaiga; 20. Gure Gabina (GK); 21. Malakai Tiwa; 25. Alvin Singh; 28. Henry Fa’arodo; Subs: 4. Trevor Ire; 8. Wira Wama; 11. Pedro Ajokopa; 15. Samuel Kini; 3. Apisalome Tuvura; 24. Alfred Pamoana; 30. Godfrey Baniau (GK)
Match Officials:
Refere – Chris Kerr (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1 – Noel Berry (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2 – Jackson Akoeasi (SOL)
Fourth Official – George Time (SOL)
A minute of silence is observed for the victims of the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.
0mins Referee signals kick off
1min The first minute of play is well under the belt of Hekari United as it soon becomes clear that they want to take the early goal.
1.38mins Hekari United win a corner kick and it is taken by Neil Hans. Samson Takayama is able to pick out the clearance header in the first go.
2.38mins Koloale are coming into the game but Hekari United have them pinned inside their own half and they are struggling to get the ball out.
3.16mins Koloale’s first break is made but Ian Paia is flagged offside.
4.28mins Koloale win a corner from through Benjamin Totori’s effort on the right. It is not well used as the Hekari United defenders make a comfortable clearance.
5.45mins Ian Paia is fouled for a high kick on Andrew Setefano
6.28mins Koriak Upaiga wins a throw for Hekari United but Koloale win back the ball and they make their run through the middle which is quickly shut down just past the halfway mark.
7.15mins Mostyn Beui pushes in a long pass for Totori but the Koloale forward does not make the chase leaving the ball to roll safely for the Hekari United defenders to pick up.
7.48mins Henry Fa’arodo takes the first shot of the day but it sails high above the cross bar for a Koloale goal kick.
8.55mins Totori tries to dribble past a Hekari United defender but he stands his ground and wins the ball from his opponent turning the attack back on Koloale.
9.12mins CAUTION: Francis Lafai is cautioned for a bad tackle on Fa’arodo.
11mins Tuimasi Manuca tries to put a cross in after a quick free kick but it goes out of play for a Koloale goal kick.
11.42mins Throw-in for Hekari United and the push forward results in them winning a corner kick after Shadrack Ramoni fumbled the ball and it rolls over the goal line.
12.16 Fa’arodo sends in the corner kick and Alvin Singh tries to get on the end of but the Koloale defenders are able to clear easily through George Suri.
13.08 Koloale win a throw-in in their own half after Koriak Upaiga kicks the ball out but the throw is not used well as the Hekari United defenders pressure to win back possession.
14.37mins Fa’arodo tries another shot after winning the ball from Beui from outside the 18 yard box but Ramoni is able to make the save.
15.34mins Totori makes a run on the lines and turns in for the shot but he sends the ball too high.
16mins Hekari United controlled the first 15 minutes of the game but Koloale are coming in well.
17.28mins Hekari United wins another corner, Hans will take the kick. He took his time and Singh got on to it but his header goes directly to Steve Anisi who makes a big clearance.
18.56mins Paia chases a lofted pass but he is ruled offside.
19.03mins Hans tries to put in a through pass but it is weak and the Koloale keeper is able to pick it up.
20.05mins GOAL Koloale 1 – Hekari United 0: Beui scores an easy goal when Totori sets him up in a 3 on 1 situation with the Hekari United keeper. Local fans are ecstatic.
21.30mins Hekari United win another corner but Koloale make a quick clearance.
22.06mins Upaiga tries a shot from halfway out but the Koloale midfield close him down and the ball is blocked.
23.15mins Ramoni saves Koloale from an embarrassing situation after Joses Nawo’s pass back goes too far down the sidelines.
24.46mins David Muta sends in a long pass for Hans but he is not able to catch up with the ball and it goes out.
25.40mins Abraham Iniga enters the game with a good run but he is well covered by the Koloale defenders and they are able to win a free kick inside their own penalty box.
26.27mins On the other end of the field Jeffery Bule breaks in with a pass for Beui but he is ruled offside and just a few minutes later Totori finds himself in a similar situation but again the assistant referee’s flag rules him offside.
29.25mins Hans fires in a powerful curling shot but Leonard Olea quickly dives in to make a clearance header.
30mins While Koloale is leading on the score board, Hekari United are having the better of the possession but they are unable to equalise as yet.
30.40mins Nawo beats his opponent on the lines but his cross does not go the right way and Hekari United restart with a goal kick.
32.09mins Malakai Tiwa is on the receiving end of a foul from Totori but the fans are not happy with the referee’s decision and they make their disapproval heard with jeers.
33.31mins Koloale are trying to slow the game down by keeping the ball in their own half as the Hekari United players pressure for an opening.
34.07mins Fa’arodo sends in a cross from the left and while it misses his players they win a corner kick. Hans takes the corner but Suri is there to make the clearing header.
35.09mins Muta is fouled and Hekari United win a free kick to be taken by Hans.
35.59mins CAUTION: Steve Anisi is cautioned for not following the assistant referee’s instruction for the wall distance.
36.34mins Muta finally takes the kick and he goes for goal but Ramoni reads the shot and blocks it but it almost goes in.
37.47mins Hekari United win a free kick in a dangerous position. They are talking about a set piece. Tiwa finally takes the shot but it goes over the cross bar.
39.40mins Totori is caught offside again and another chance goes to waste as the Koloale players let go of their discipline.
40.20mins Tuimasi Manuca tries his luck from outside the Koloale 18 yard box but his shot goes out.
41mins Totori beats 2 defenders and takes a shot from inside the Hekari United penalty area but the keeper blocks it out for a corner kick.
41.40mins The Koloale corner kick finds Paia but his shot goes wide.
43.20mins Hans takes a chance with a long range shot but his effort is too high on the Hekari United counter attack.
45mins No extra time is signalled and the referee signals the end of the first half of the match.
The second half starts.
45.30mins Koloale win a free kick and Totori takes a direct shot which Gure Gabina easily saves.
45.50mins Iniga takes a shot from the edge of the penalty box for Hekari United and it is blocked by Ramoni but they win a corner.
46.23mins Muta takes the corner but Suri makes a high header to clear the ball before Singh could get to it.
48.28mins Totori makes a powerful run against Andrew Setefano and he sets up Paia who is not able to control the ball for a shot and the Hekari United defenders clear the ball away.
50mins Hekari United win a corner after a cross from Manuca is headed out by Takayama. Muta takes the kick but it is cleared.
50.47mins CAUTION: Malakai Tiwa is yellow carded for jersey pulling against Totori.
51.29 Koloale win a free kick outside the Hekari United penalty box and Totori lines it up. His shot goes the right way but it is a few inches too high.
52.43 Hekari United are taking the game to Koloale who are saved by a decision from the assistant referee who signalled an offside by one of the Hekari United players.
54mins SUBSTITUTION: Neil Hans is replaced by Wira Wama for Hekari United.
55.45mins Setefano fouls Totori and Koloale look to take another chance to increase their lead. Totori sends in a cross rather than a shot but it is well picked out by Gabina.
56.55mins Totori beats Setefano with some fancy footwork but the return pass from Paia puts him in an offside position the assistant referee on the far side flags him (Totori) for free kick to Hekari United.
58.12mins Totori almost doubles Koloale’s lead in a well set up run but his shot goes just wide to the dismay of fans.
60mins Koloale are enjoying the first 15 minutes of the second half but Hekari United also have their moments.
60.20mins Hekari United have a corner on the right the captain, Muta, takes the kick which is cleared away. Another follow up comes from Muta moments later but Ramoni makes the save on the second attempt.
62.50mins SUBSTITUTION: Koloale make their first substitution of the game. Ian Paia is replaced by Ezra Sale.
65mins Hekari United are keeping Koloale on the edge as they look for the equaliser.
66.23mins GOAL Koloale 2 – Hekari United 0: Totori sets up Beui on the right and the midfielder puts it in to increase Koloale’s lead to 2 nil.
68mins Hekari United win a free kick outside the Koloale penalty box. Muta sends in a slow lofted ball but Koloale defenders gather up to make the clearance.
70.55mins Koloale make a good run on the far side but the lack of support to Nawo allows Hekari United to regain control and turn the attack in their favour.
72.39mins Hekari United maintain pressure on Koloale in their own half and their shot comes from Muta but the ball goes out for a goal kick.
73.40mins Substitute Wama beats 2 Koloale defenders takes the shot from inside the box and Ramoni makes a good save to deny the visitors yet again.
74.38mins Totori picks up a pass on the counter attack and he goes 1 on 1 with the Hekari United goalie but sends his shot too far to the right and the ball goes out for a goal kick.
77mins EXPULSION: George Suri is given his marching orders after a nasty tackle on Tiwa.
78.05mins SUBSTITUTION: Ericson Komeng is replaced by Trevor Ire for Hekari United.
79.15 GOAL Hekari United 1 – Koloale 2: Hekari United United score through Manuca who connects with a lucky drop of the ball inside the Koloale penalty box and he sends the ball into the back of the net.
80mins Koloale are missing the services of Suri and Hekari United are making use of their extra man advantage to apply pressure for an equaliser.
82.46mins CAUTION: Alvin Singh picks up a yellow card tugging.
83.30mins Hekari United are pushing Koloale back into their own half as the home side struggles to make up for the deficit in numbers.
86.42mins Tiwa receives a back pass from Manuca and he tries his luck from distance but the ball goes too high.
87.54mins CAUTION: Totori is given a yellow card after a tackle on a Hekari United defender.
89.12mins Manuca heads in towards after a long cross was sent his way but Ramoni makes a good save.
90.00 Additional time of 2 minutes to be played.
90 + 0.40mins A corner kick from Hekari United is scrambled out by the Koloale defenders.
90 + 1.20mins Koloale win a thrown in under pressure and they try to use up time by passing the ball back and forth in their own half.
Referee signals the end of the match.

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