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KOSSA 3 – Real Kakamora 0

Below is the match summary.
KOSSA: 21. Samson Koti (GK); 15. Seni Ngava (C); 3. Stanton Hila; 2. George Wagena; 6. Michael Sira; 19. David Ramosaea; 5. Sammy Osifelo; 7. James Egeta; 8. Phillip Ashley; 16. Clifford Wate; 4. Jack Samani Subs: 1. Severino Aefi (GK); 17. Willie Lamani; 14. Willie Shem; 10. Franklyn Forau; 11. Obed Ofea; 13. Ian Damola; 9. Charlie Otainao
Real Kakamora: 21. Lawrence Mafane; 16. Richard Mama; 10. Stephen Rongosulia; 12. Phillip Houtarau; 15. Charles Taniro; 2. Haston Ray; 14. Paul Hiri; 5. Gerald Boka; 13. Lyson Wate; Kluivert Dagi Jnr.; 17. Willie Garo; Subs: 32. George Mahlon; 20. Mike Ngidu; 9. Peter Kennedy; Markson Watoto; 13. Peter Auga; 4. Matthias Saru; 19. Brendan Rou
0mins Match kicks off.
1.09mins The first shot of the game comes from James Egeta of KOSSA but he sends it too far wide and the ball goes out for a Real Kakamora goal kick.
2.19mins Egeta goes for another shot but Haston Ray closes him down and the ball goes out for a throw in.
3mins Real Kakamora make their first break into the KOSSA penalty area with Lyson Wate leading but KOSSA defenders read the cut back pass and they make a clearance only to the midfield area and Wate (Lyson) follows up with another through run but he was flagged offside.
5mins KOSSA started well but Real Kakamora have settled and are also pressuring for the all important opening goal.
10mins KOSSA are being put under pressure by the quick Real Kakamora players. Stephen Rongosulia is doing well along the lines and the KOSSA defenders have to put up with his pace.
15.56mins KOSSA win a free kick outside the Real Kakamora penalty box but the height of the defenders comes into play and they are able to clear the ball to safety.
18.56mins GOAL KOSSA 1 – Real Kakamora 0: Kluvert Dagi Jnr. scores an own goal after trying to head the ball back to his goalkeeper. Jack Samani will claim some credit for the pressure he put Dagi under.
21.46mins Seni Ngava makes a breaking run for KOSSA but his through pass to Samani is cut out by Ray of Real Kakamora.
22.57mins KOSSA win a corner kick. The kick is taken by Samani but the Real Kakamora defenders make the clearance easily.
26.50mins Wate picks up a through pass in the KOSSA penalty area and he manages to chip the ball past Samson Koti but the ball hits the cross bar and Stanton Hila whips the ball on its return out to safety.
31mins KOSSA win a corner kick and Egeta’s cross is headed out for a throw-in which does not go well for KOSSA and Real Kakamora win back the ball.
35.22mins KOSSA take another corner kick through Ngava but Lawrence Mafane punches the ball out but KOSSA take back possession and they go again through Egeta who fires a low shot which goes just wide.
40mins KOSSA lead on the score board but Real Kakamora are also doing well on the field with their quick passes and strong runs through the midfield area.
41.46mins KOSSA win a free kick on the sidelines and Ngava sends in a cross which Mafane punches out. Real Kakamora push forward for a counter attack but the pass to Wate is too long and the KOSSA defenders recover to make the clearance.
43mins EXPULSIONS: Gerald Boka of Real Kakamora and David Ramosaea of KOSSA are red carded for exchanging punches following an argument about rough play by Boka.
45mins No extra time has been added to the first half.
Referee signals the end of the first half.
46mins The first minute of the second half has passed without any real dominance from either side. Both teams have only 10 players on the pitch due to the first half expulsions so their formations are somewhat affected.
48.26mins KOSSA pressure against Real Kakamora but Samani moves too early and the assistant referee flags him for offside. Neither side is making use of their limited chances so far.
51mins SUBSTITUTION: Kluivert Dagi Jnr. is replaced by Matthias Saru for Real Kakamora.
53.30mins KOSSA waste another chance with the build up coming from George Wagena but Samuel Osifelo misses his shot.
54.15mins Real Kakamora break down through the centre and their first attempt is blocked but they set up another one through substitute Saru decides to shoot but puts too much onto it and the ball goes over the KOSSA crossbar.
55.58mins Clifford Wate sends in a cross after a one-two with Hila but the ball sails out for a goal kick for Real Kakamora.
56.45mins Rongosulia goes down the lines and he makes his cross at the edge of the penalty area but the KOSSA goalie comes out to close him down.
59mins SUBSTITUTIONS: Brendan Rou replaces Lyson Wate for Real Kakamora and Willie Shem replaces Michael Sira for KOSSA.
61.08mins Real Kakamora win a free kick after Shem pushes Paul Hiri. Rongosulia sends the cross but Rou could not take the shot as the KOSSA defenders crowd him out.
63.53 Real Kakamora win a throw-in in a good position. A good one is sent in but KOSSA defenders win back the ball and try to counter but they are met with good resistance from the Real Kakamora defenders who eventually win a free kick deep inside their own half.
66mins GOAL KOSSA 2 – Real Kakamora 0: Phillip Ashley wins the ball in the centre of the field and he has a free run towards the Real Kakamora goalmouth were he slots in an easy goal. Ashley cannot believe his luck.
69.40mins SUBSTITUTION: Obed Ofea replaces Jack Samani for KOSSA.
74.15mins KOSSA win a corner kick. Ngava is there to take it but nothing comes from it since his cross is well read by Mafane who punches the ball out of danger.
75mins With 15 minutes left to go KOSSA are in control of the game and they are trying to eat up time by holding up the ball in their own half of the field.
76mins Rongosulia leaves the field with a knee injury. Real Kakamora have used up all of their substitutions and cannot replace him.
79.40mins SUBSTITUTION: Phillip Ashley is replaced by Charlie Otainao for KOSSA.
80mins GOAL KOSSA 3 – Real Kakamora 0: Clifford Wate scores for KOSSA.
82.45mins Egeta almost puts KOSSA 4 nil in front after Saru’s mistake hands the ball back to Wate (Clifford) who back heels the ball to him in space but the shot is saved spectacularly by Mafane.
85mins KOSSA are making use of their 1-man advantage but Real Kakamora is making them work hard every time they want to go forward.
86.09mins CAUTION: Wate (Clifford) of KOSSA is yellow carded for a heavy tackle on a Real Kakamora midfield player.
90mins 3 minutes of added remains to be played.
90 + 0.28mins CAUTION: George Wagena and Stanton Hila are both yellow carded after a foul on Rou of Real Kakamora.
90 + 2.03min Real Kakamora win a free kick outside the KOSSA penalty box but they miss what is probably their final opportunity of the match by putting the kick directly to KOSSA defender who clears the ball away.
Referee ends the game.

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