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Public cooperation requested

General coordinator for locally hosted O-League matches, Noel Wagapu, says that the safety and enjoyment of spectators is a concern for all stakeholders.
“The organising committee is working hard to provide security and other services for the match. However, everybody coming to watch the match can contribute to the enjoyment of others by not engaging in any ante-social behaviour,” Wagapu says.
Tough security
Security for the match has been strengthened with additional support coming from both the Royal Solomon Islands Police (RSIP) and private security firm, Fijian House Security.
Combined the total number of security personnel that will be at Lawson Tama for the match is more than a hundred and they will be stationed at the entry gates, inside the stadium and also on the hillside outside the match venue.
Spectators are warned not to bring any alcohol or weapons into the match venue since they will be confiscated at the gates by the police.
Selling of betel nut and coconuts outside Lawson Tama is also banned on Saturday and the Honiara City Council has stepped up its public information campaign to ensure that the restriction is maintained.
Beware of counterfeit tickets
The local organising committee is also warning the public about buying counterfeit tickets since they will not be accepted for entry at Lawson Tama.
During the Koloale v. Hekari United match a number of spectators arrived at the gates with counterfeit tickets and they were refused entry because the seats were already occupied by patrons with genuine tickets.
“Counterfeit tickets are a big problem,” Wagapu says. “We would like to remind the pubic that there are only 2 selling points for tickets: at the SIFF office and at Lawson Tama during the match day. If you buy from somewhere else then it is likely that you have purchased a non-official ticket and you will be disappointed when you arrive at Lawson Tama with that ticket.”
Wagapu says that forgery is a serious offence and any one found to be selling counterfeit tickets will be reported to the police.
Spectators coming to watch the match at Lawson Tama are also asked to bring with them umbrellas in case the weather turns bad as it has done in local matches over the last 2 weekends.
“The current weather is quite unpredictable so it would be good for spectators to come prepared,” Wagapu says.
The match between Amicale and Koloale will be kicking off at 3:00pm on Saturday and will be the last O-League game to be held in Honiara for the 2010/11 season.

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