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Marist Fire 1 – Koloale 2

Below is the match summary:
0mins Kick off
2mins Koloale still in control after starting off well but Marist are also making their mark on the game
2.30mins Joses Nawo sets up Ian Paia right in front of goal with a low cross but Paia misses the chance
3mins GOAL: Marist Fire 1 – Koloale 0 Elliot Ragomo scores on the return counter attack for Marist Fire,
6mins the game returns to an even tempo as Koloale recover from the early goal by Ragomo
8.05mins Koloale win a corner and while Lency Saeni gets on the end of it his header goes wide
9.30mins The rain starts pouring down making Koloale’s quick passes more difficult to execute and making it easy for Marist Fire defenders to break down their attack
10.06mins Joses Nawo misses another chance right in front of the Marist Fire goal and the ball goes out for a goal kick
11.09mins Benjamin Totori misses a chance from a one on one situation with the Marist Fire goalkeeper but sends his shot wide
14mins CAUTION: George Suri receives a yellow card for a bad foul on Arnold Keni
15.20mins A long range effort from Jerry Sam is saved by Koloale goalkeeper Eddie Ramo
17.14mins Bentley Nalangu fires another long ranger but the ball goes straight to the keeper
17.44mins Joachim Waroi beats all Koloale defenders and had only the keeper between him and the net but he sends his shot wide
19.30mins Koloale defender Cecil Buru receives treatment for a knock to his chest when he collided Ragomo. Referee stops play for Buru to be taken off the field
24.30mins SUBSTITUTION: Cecil Buru is replaced by Leonard Olea for Koloale
25.54mins Sam Bino sends in a shot but again Ramo makes a good save to deny Marist Fire a second goal
28.05 Elliot Ragomo steals the ball from Olea and curves in a shot but it does not dip in time
31.27 The rain continues pouring down on Lawson Tama but conditions on the field are okay
37mins Both Koloale and Marist Fire players are making mistakes on the pitch as the ball picks up speed on the wet surface
40mins Koloale give away a free kick outside their 18 yard box after Nalangu was brought down. Joachim Waroi takes a perfect curler but Ramo punches the ball away and Nalangu follows up with a shot that goes wide
42.56mins Koloale win a corner and they take a short one which Totori crosses but the Marist Fire defenders make a safe clearance
44mins Koloale win another corner kick. Totori sends in the ball but again Marist Fire defender clear before it poses any threat
45mins 2 minutes of extra time will be played
Referee signals the end of the first half
Second half kicks off
46.1mins Ragomo and Nalangu combine well in front but the shot from Ragomo goes wide
47.55mins Francis Lafai sends in a long and hopeful shot which drops kindly for Kitu to make comfortable save
48.59mins Saeni heads in a cross but it does not have the power and Marist Fire defenders clear the ball to safety
50mins Koloale are dominating the first 5 minutes of the second half. The rain continues to pour down but at a somewhat slower pace
53mins Totori makes a strong run into the Marist Fire penalty area but his shot is blocked by Kitu. Paia follows up for the rebound but referee Chris Saeni rules that he fouled the goalkeeper so a free kick is awarded
56.54mins Nawo picks up a through ball outside the Marist Fire penalty box and finds the back of the net but he is ruled offside so the score line remains 1 – 0 in favour of Marist Fire
59.06mins Koloale win a corner kick but it is not used well and Marist Fire turn it into a counter offensive which does not amount to anything
60mins Koloale win a free kick outside the Marist Fire penalty box and Totori sends his shot straight into the wall
61.19mins Totori turns in a cross from Saeni but Kitu scrambles a save
62mins Koloale continue to dominate the second half but they are not able to score an equaliser as the hour mark is passed
63mins Koloale win another corner kick which they also waste
63.46mins GOAL: Marist Fire 1 – Koloale 1 Koloale’s pressure pays off as Paia scores a rebound from the original block by Kitu
65.42mins Nawo squanders another scoring opportunity sending his shot high after Totori sets him up on the far side
66.51mins Lency Sale crosses in a ball for Nalangu but his header does not find the mark
69.08mins Nawo sends in a corner kick and George Suri gets a good header to it but Kitu makes another good save to keep the scores level
73.20 GOAL: Koloale 2 – Marist Fire 1Totori scores a powerful shot taken from 20 yards out which hits the post before going in
76 mins SUBSTITUTION: Augustine Tagana replaces Sam Bino for Marist Fire
79mins Once again possession levels out as Marist Fire come back into the game with force
79.52mins Suri almost scores from another header following a corner kick but the Marist Fire defenders crowd the ball away
82.41mins Jerry Sam fires another shot from outside the Koloale penalty area but it goes high and wide
84mins SUBSTITUTION: Peter Timi goes in to replace Lency Sale for Marist Fire
85.12mins Totori shoots from inside the Marist penalty area but Kitu blocks it out for a corner kick and again Kitu makes another save plucking the ball out of the air before any Koloale forward could connect with it
86mins SUBSTITUTION: Max Ruku replaces Jerry Sam for Marist Fire
89.24 Totori latches onto a Paia flick but his shot goes too high
90.00 Additional time of 2 minutes is indicated by the 4th official
90 +2mins Marist Fire win a free kick and they have 1 final chance to claim a share of the spoils. Max Ruku sends in the ball and Nalangu scores but the goal is ruled out as the linesman indicated that Koloale goalkeeper, Ramo was fouled.
Referee signals the end of the match.

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