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Bonitos start training next week

An initial training squad of 42 players has been named and this will be trimmed down to 20 in the final team that will take part in the OFC Nations Cup tournament. Included in the list are 15 players from the 2011 Pacific Games team that won Solomon Islands’ second silver medal in the competition and the whole Solympics team that took part in the OFC Men’s Olympic Qualifiers.
SIFF head of the technical department, Noel Wagapu, calls on all players in the training list to turn up for their first meeting at the SIFF headquarters for important information about the training program.
“I ask all players and officials concerned to attend the first meeting for the team. Important information will be shared with the players then so please to turn up,” Wagapu says.
The first part of the training will be a meeting to confirm the program and the players who are available to attend the bi-weekly sessions that will be used to finalise the squad. This meeting will be held at the SIFF academy conference room at 5:00pm on Monday.
Jacob Moli is maintaining his position as head coach of the team while the assistant coach position is yet to be confirmed by SIFF. Both the assistant coach and the team manager from the 2011 Pacific Games squad have not been named in the management list.
Moli wants all the players in the list to turn up for the meeting on Monday so that the training program can be quickly implemented.
“I appeal strongly to all the players in the trials list to make every effort to come and attend this meeting. Your seriousness to represent your country starts with this meeting,” Moli says.
The OFC nations cup will take place in June, however, a venue is yet to be confirmed following the withdrawal of hosting rights from Fiji earlier this month by OFC. Solomon Islands is among countries bidding to claim hosting rights following the decision from OFC.
Current Squad Members
1. Shadrack Ramoni (Koloale)
2. Samson Takayama (Koloale)
3. Tome Faisi (Solomon Warriors)
4. Seni Ngava (KOSSA)
5. Nelson Sale (Amicale, Vanuatu)
6. Hadisi Aengari (Solomon Warriors)
7. Henry Fa’arodo Jnr. (Team Wellington)
8. Joe Manu (Hana)
9. Mostyn Beui (Koloale)
10. Joses Nawo (Koloale)
11. James Naka (Koloale)
12. Benjamin Totori (Koloale)
13. Ian Paia (Solympics) (Koloale)
14. Abraham Iniga (Marist Fire)
15. Joe Luwi (Western United)
16. Timothy Joe (Eastern Stars, PNG)
17. Jeffery Bule (Solympics) (Solomon Warriors)
Solympics Squad Members
1. Silas Seda (Solomon Warriors)
2. Samson Koti (KOSSA)
3. Emmanuel Poila (Solomon Warriors)
4. Chris Tafoa (Solomon Warriors)
5. Israel F. Koti (Koloale)
6. Freddie Kini (Koloale)
7. Michael Boso (Western United)
8. Francis Lafai (Koloale)
9. Tutizama Tanito (Marist Fire)
10. Himson Teleda (Western United)
11. James Egeta (KOSSA)
12. Coleman Makau (Western United)
13. Molis Gagame Jnr. (Koloale)
14. Johan Doiwale (Real Kakamora)
15. Moffat Kilifa (Western United)
16. Karol Kakate (Solomon Warriors)
17. Micah Lea’alafa (Solomon Warriors)
18. Jerry Donga (Solomon Warriors)
New Players
1. Leon Fox (Malaita Kingz)
2. Felix Ray Jnr. (Western United)
3. Gideon Omokirio (Koloale)
4. Loni Qaraba (Western United)
5. Joshua Tuasulia (Marist Fire)
6. Aleck Wickham (Western United)
7. Stanton Hila (KOSSA)
8. Jeffery Henry (Hana)
9. Leslie Nate (KOSSA)
10. Willie Riqeo (KOSSA)
11. Judd Molea (Solomon Warriors)
12. Ian Ngahugari (Real Kakamora)
13. Moffat Deramoa (Amicale)
14. John Anita (Western United)
15. Alick Maemae (Amicale)
16. Jack Wetney (Western United)
17. Nicholas Muri (Real Kakamora)
18. Nathan Kera (Western United)
19. Gagame Feni (Waitakere United, New Zealand)
20. Joachim Waroi (Amicale)

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