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Nations Cup LOC in place

The Nations Cup LOC is chaired by Eddie Ngava, the SIFF general secretary and the general coordinator for the event is Seamus Marten who was called in by OFC to assist with the running of the event. Noel Wagapu, from the SIFF technical department, was appointed as the assistant general coordinator.
Ngava, made the appointments last week and opted for a balance between SIFF staff and external expertise in the committee. About half of the committee are from SIFF and the remainder are from various bodies whom SIFF has worked with in the past for hosting international events and they include representatives the Royal Solomon Islands Police, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and the Honiara City Council.
The Royal Solomon Islands Police (RSIP) is represented by Peter Tori and he will advise the LOC on matters relating to security. During the first LOC meeting Tori revealed that the RSIP will use the operation order for the Festival of Pacific Arts during the Nations Cup tournament and more 600 police officers will be involved in ensuring public safety.
The member responsible for medical services is Dr. Kenton Sade and a new area introduced concerns protocol and hosting of VIPs and this is headed by Wilson Ne’e. Other management areas include facilities, media, transportation and ticketing and they all have persons looking after them.
The role of the LOC is to ensure that all logistics required for the successful running of the Nations Cup tournament is in place. The LOC is responsible for making arrangements with local suppliers, caterers and service providers and providing cost information to the chairman of the committee and to OFC through Marten.
With only a couple of weeks remaining time is tight but the assistant coordinator, Wagapu, is confident that the event will be hosted successfully.
“Time is of the essence and we need to make haste in all our planning and activities in the lead up to event. It is tough but we have a dedicated committee in place and they are passionate about their respective roles. We commit to ensuring that all our guests will enjoy the event and our public will join us in this effort,” Wagapu said.
The OFC Nations Cup will kick off on June 1 and end on June 10. Eight (8) countries including Solomon Islands will participate in the event. Defending champions, All Whites are among the overseas countries who will head over to the Happy Isles for challenge rights to represent OFC in the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil.

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