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Landmark deal signed for Kurukuru

The sponsorship is aimed primarily at funding the preparations of Kurukuru for the 2016 FIFA Futsal World Cup in September. However, a segment is directed towards the development of a professional futsal league in Solomon Islands.
SIFF president, William Lai, and SIPA chief executive officer, Collin Yow, signed the deal in front of reporters finally putting in concrete an agreement that was negotiated over two months. The deal was first announced at the victory dinner for Kurukuru hosted by SIPA at the Mendana Hotel on Tuesday 23rd February.
Essentially the sponsorship package covers the following areas:
• Local and international travel and camps
• Welfare of players
• Training equipment
• Hire of training venue
• Remuneration of the head coach
In return, SIFF has ceded exclusive marketing and commercial rights to SIPA over the Kurukuru for a period of 24 months. This means that Kurukuru will be heavily involved in promotional activities for SIPA including
Yow thanked SIFF for the opportunity to promote his company with the national futsal team.
“On behalf of our minister and our board of governors I want to say thank you for this opportunity,” We are very excited to now be the sole sponsor of this successful team thanks to SIFF,” says Yow.
“This is our support for indigenous Solomon Islanders. The management of the team will decide how to disburse the funds for their preparations. We do not have any conditions or expectations of them (in the Futsal World Cup) rather this just our support.”
SIFF president, William Lai, thanks the SIPA board and management saying that his organisation is a grateful one.
“Thank you SIPA for this partnership, this is the biggest sponsorship deal of its kind. I am sure that this gesture is on behalf of the nation for our national futsal team,” says Lai.
“It will make a huge difference because we can undertake our plans and programmes of preparation with confidence knowing that funds are available.”
SIPA is a state owned enterprise responsible for managing international ports and wharves in Solomon Islands.

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