Hana 1 – KOSSA 4

The statement that the contest would not be an easy one for KOSSA was confirmed when Tony Otini scored after only 2 minutes of play. Remarx Kwaria was the provider of the cross which beat Stanton Hila and left Otini with only the keeper to deal with and calmly slotted the ball past advancing KOSSA goalkeeper.
KOSSA had 2 replies, by way of shots on goal, coming within 10 minutes, firstly from Michael Misitana but Bartholomew Fisiniu was lucky enough to get a hand to the ball to tap it away. Nicholas Muri followed with a header but again Fisiniu was there to deny KOSSA their breakthrough.
KOSSA needed something to prove to their fans that they were in the game and this was provided spectacularly by Paul Wale who fired from 25 yards out to beat Fisiniu. The goalkeeper thought he had the ball covered but it turned away at the last minute and went over his head and into the back of the net.
Both sides had good chances to take the lead before halftime but neither could convert. Hana’s golden opportunity was squandered by Otini who was right in front of goal when the ball came to him but missed it and on the other side KOSSA’s Wale only found the post with a strike that looked promising.
KOSSA did not start the second well but they were able to take the lead in the 50th minute when Phillip Ashley took a chance from outside the 18 yard box but his shot went past the Hana keeper and into the net. Again the curve in the shot proved too difficult for Fisiniu to judge and he was beaten for the second time from distance.
Otini gave the KOSSA defenders a moment of scare when a Joe Manu pass saw him beat Stanton Hila but Tome Faisi was quick to get in the way to make the clearance. Hana were not so fortunate in the 60th minute, however, when Muri saw Fisiniu out from his line and lifted a high shot from 35 yards which found its way home to give KOSSA a 3 to 1 lead.
With 10 minutes left on the clock the game was pretty much KOSSA’s way when Muri turned in a volley for his side’s fourth goal of the match.
KOSSA will take with them a certain level of confidence while their opponents are left with an uphill climb. Their meeting on Saturday 28th May, 2011 will decide whether Hana can make a turnaround and beat KOSSA to a place among the top 4 who will meet in the semis.

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