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Western United clinch third prize

KOSSA were heavy favourites going into the match courtesy of their third place finish in the league. However, it was the Western United faithful who were out in numbers and the cheering from them was more pronounced as the match started.
The game had an exciting tempo going as soon as the kickoff whistle sounded and the defence lines of both sides started getting busy as the forwards got physical up front. KOSSA settled in quite early while their opponents had to overcome a number of scares before getting confident in their ability to attack.
After 15 minutes of play neither side took authority of the game and it was pretty much up for the taking to either side. However, Western United had a stroke of luck go their way just before halftime when national futsal defender, Coleman Makau, headed in from close range the first goal of the game.
KOSSA regrouped strongly but they were denied again and again and were down 1 – 0 when the teams went out for the halftime breather. Even though Western United were leading the game remained was still in the balance if the performance of KOSSA was to be considered.
The side that took control in the second half, at least in the initial stages, was KOSSA. Quickly throwing passes around they got the equaliser through Paul Wale with time still left to override their opponents.
Twice KOSSA, had golden chances to score but for some reason they faltered. Stanley Waita was free to shoot for goal after he had beaten Felix Ray Jnr. but his last touch failed him and Western United were let off. A few minutes later Nicholas Muri handed the ball to Ray Jnr. in a one on one situation that pretty much was the defining moment of the game.
KOSSA’s double misfortune seemed to spur on Western United and their rejuvenated push resulted in the double strike which gave them the game. Mostyn Sanga scored first before John Anita rode in with a brilliant individual effort to bury any KOSSA hopes of revival in the dying minutes.
For Western United the victory brings them absolution for finishing out of the prize range in the league and they will appreciate the $70 000 third prize which they have won. KOSSA will be unhappy with the result but still the $50 000 fourth prize will do well when added with their third place prize from the league.

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