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Ten provinces confirm schools for kids festival

The Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Local Organising Committee is finalizing the details for the kids football festival this week and can now announce that the participating schools will be housed at the St. Nicholas Primary School facilities in Central Honiara.
Also this week, SIFF has received confirmation that the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) is sending over 100 Just Play football packs to use in the coaching segment of the kids football festival. Part of this equipment will be given to the participating schools at the end of the event.
The Honiara Football Association (HFA) were the first PFA to send in their nominations. St. John Primary School will be partnering up with the privately run Chung Wah Primary School to carry the Honiara flag at the festival. Both schools are participants in the Just Play Pilot Project in Honiara.
Malaita Football Association (MFA) has nominated Kwaigeo Primary School and Kilusakwalo Primary School to represent them at the festival. The 2 primary schools are expected to arrive in Honiara on Saturday 18th September, 2010.
Both Western Football Association (WFA) and Lauru Football Association (LFA) in the far west have also confirmed to SIFF their participating schools. WFA has selected Poitete Primary School on Kolombangara Island and Noro Primary School on New Georgia as their top schools for the festival.
Guadalcanal Football Association (GFA) have selected Kulu Primary School in North East Guadalcanal and Tamboko Primary School from North West Guadalcanal as their 2010 representatives. Last year, GFA was represented by Makaruka and Wanderer Bay.
Other PFAs including Makira and Temotu in the east have also sent in their nominations. Only the Central Islands have not confirmed their participating school but SIFF is working with them to ensure that they are represented.
The expected highlight of the 2010 Our Telekom National Kids Football, Cultural Exchange & Education Festival is the cultural night event. All the participating schools are gearing up for the cultural night and are looking forward to promote their local culture during the program.
President of the Rennel Belonna Football Association, Victor Tekobi, has upped the pressure on the other teams by saying that their representative school will perform in the cultural night program in full traditional attire.
The football competition component is expected to be stronger this year as some of the schools have spent some time already preparing for the festival.
Malaita Football Association President, Derek Taka, said that his 2 representative schools have been working hard and aim to defend the title for their province.
Alota’a Primary School of Malaita won the football championship in 2009 after defeating Patutiva of Western Province 1 – 0 in the final.
The nominations for the Our Telekom Kids Football, Cultural Exchange & Education Festival closed on Friday 10th September and all the registration lists from the primary schools are expected to be handed in by Wednesday 15th September.

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