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Ragomo recovers from injury

Ragomo, who suffered the injury against Spain in the Solomon Islands national futsal team’s pre-world cup tour, was put under close supervision but was allowed to continue training and he played in both friendly matches against Thailand and Australia. However, there was doubt as to whether he would make a full recovery when he limped off against Australia.
It was a nerve wracking week for the Kurukuru management who had limited options when it came to players and news of Ragomo’s recovery was fully welcomed. With Jack Wetney and Lenson Bisili out of the campaign there was effectively no replacement for Ragomo and his exclusion would leave a major attacking gap in the team.
Head of delegation, Joseph Boso, says that a lot of credit has to go to Ragomo for the fighting spirit he had.
“When Ragomo took the knock against Spain it was very worrying for us. The week after that he was slow to get back into training but now he is well and picking up on fitness. It was a big ask of him but given his commitment to the team it was sort of expected that he would make a full recovery,” Boso said.
Prior to his injury Ragomo also had to deal with malaria which kicked in soon after the team left home. A treatment regime was started in Australia but it took Ragomo some time to recover and regain the weight he had lost.
“The amount of courage that Elliot has is remarkable and he is greatly admired for this. On the way to this world cup he had to overcome malaria and then now his injury but still he is looking forward to play,” Boso said.
Several other players in the team are also nursing injuries but none serious enough to rule them out of playing in the world cup. James Egeta is recovering from a toe injury also sustained in Spain and Samuel Osifelo and George Stevenson are also on the mend and ready to play.
The Kurukuru’s first game in the FIFA Futsal World Cup is against Russia on Saturday 3 November.

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