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South Americans wreck island hope

After an impressive first half, which ended 3-3, Colombia took advantage of a collapse of organisation in the second half by the Kurukuru to hit home 8 unanswered goals. The result leaves Kurukuru at the bottom of the Group F table while Colombia move up to second place with their first points in the FIFA Futsal World Cup.
Colombia took the lead in the 6th minute courtesy of Jhonathan Toro and the advantage was extended by Jose Quiroz seconds later. Captain Elliot Ragomo took Solomon Islands into the game with a neat finish to a penalty and a kick-in a minute later puts the Oceania champions on par with their opponents at 2-2 with Samuel Osifelo providing.
Just before half time each side got one a piece to enter the break level – Toro got his second of the match to regain the lead for Colombia but Micah Lea’alafa kept his side in the game with his close range strike.
However, before that the Kurukuru’s first choice goalkeeper Paul Huia was sent off for handling the ball outside his area and the referee ruled that he denied his opponent a goal scoring opportunity. Sixteen (16) year old Anthony Talo was then brought in to replace him.
As soon as the second half started defensive red flags started popping up for the Kurukuru who were let off easy twice as the Colombians tried to break their spirit early. However, the third time the Kurukuru were not so lucky as Andres Reyes scored in the 22nd minute and Yefri Duque took it to 5-2 with his contribution 7 minutes later.
The Kurukuru clawed onto the belief that they were still in it after the half hour mark but Colombia sank their hopes with another 6 goals for their run-away victory. Reyes struck again in the 32nd minute and Jorge Abril also got in on the action in the 34th minute. Toro completed his hat trick with 3 minutes left on the clock before Angelott Caro, Yeisson Fonegra and Johan Prado made their mark on the scoresheet.
In reply the Kurukuru crafted several worthy scoring opportunities but the Colombians refused to let them through. An effort from James Egeta rattled the Colombian woodwork and two more shots were saved by their goalkeeper.
“It’s obvious that I am satisfied with the first half and very unsatisfied with the second. We lost our concentration and stopped executing our game-plan, which was to pressure them and mark tight in one-on-ones,” Solomon Islands head coach Dickson Kadau said of the result.
His counterpart Amey Fonnegra praised his team’s performance in the second half but expressed concerns about their final group match against Russia
“In the second half our counter-attacks were lethal. It is true that we have accomplished something historic by winning our first-ever World Cup match, but I can’t be completely satisfied just yet. Now I have to think the best way to play Russia,” said Fonnegra to
Solomon Islands is now left only with a statistical chance of making it to the second round and need several freak results to take place inside and outside of Group F. First they need to beat Guatemala by a gigantic margin and hope that the Russians can put past Colombia enough goals to overturn the massive deficit they currently hold.
Meanwhile in the other Group F match of the day the Russians confirmed their ticket to the second round with a 9-0 win over Guatemala. The result saw Guatemala slip to third place in the Group F table.

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