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Malaita Kingz 1 v Hana 0

With back to back wins against Marist Fire and KOSSA, Hana were clear favourites to win the match but somehow Rex Masuaku’s men faltered against their less fancied opponents. Throughout the match they had chances to score but the day was not theirs and the slender lead their opponents gained just before halftime was left untouched until the final whistle.
The advantage that Malaita Kingz had was a much steadier backline and all they needed to do to win the match was to score. Charles Irobina made sure of that in the 43rd minute when he turned home a pass from Francis Saemala to put the Kingz in front. The 33 year old, who coaches students in the LEARN&play program in Malaita, was clinical with the finish shooting well past the reach of Peter Kiriau.
The second half saw a desperate comeback fight from Hana but they could not find a way past the strong defensive wall imposed by the Malaita Kingz backline. Hana had a good number of chances to take the game away from Malaita Kingz but their play was not efficient enough in front of goal and they allowed the defenders to close them down. Joe Manu had the better opportunities of the half from 3 free kicks but he failed to put the ball away. A one-on-one by Tony Otini against the Malaita Kingz goalkeeper went to waste as the striker put his shot straight into the path of the advancing goalie.
In the dying minutes the momentum swung Malaita Kingz’s as they pressured Hana with 3 opportunities but they could not find the success that they had with their earlier goal. However, the 1 goal advantage survived and was enough to add them another 3 points in the league table.
Line ups
Malaita Kingz: 23. Sammy Willie; 3. Mickson Suiomea; 24. Johnstee Kusilifu; 22. Andrew Rarangia; 12. Clifford Huta; 13. Charles Irobina; 18. Hudson Kusilifu; 11. Michael Taeman; 1. Leon Fox (GK); 4. Francis Saemala; 7. George LadusuSubs: 2. Felix Filiramo; 14. Chris Hano; 9. Henry Temewale; 26. Ben Siarani; 17. Douglas Gwalu
Coach: Terry Oiaka
Hana: 12. Peter Kiriau (GK); 22. Berry Qalokale; 16. Martin Saleimanu; 14. Joe Manu; 20. Stanley Waita; 11. Cornelly Rata; 9. Tony Otini; 25. Dickson Ramo; 8. Trevor Suinao; 15. Maeli Allen; 4. Arnold Keni 18. Dalton Maesia; 7. Remarx Kwaria; 19. Jeffery Henry; Subs: 3. Ian Sida; 10. Moussa Kourouma; 6. Henry Fakaia; 7. Remarx Kwaria; 23. George West
Coach: Rex Masuaku
Match Officials
Referee: Matthew Taro
Assistant Referee 1: Steve Kole
Assistant Referee 2: Charles Tatahu
Fourth Official: George Time

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