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Solomon Warriors 0 – Amicale 2

Solomon Warriors: 1. Eddie NEWMAN [GK], 2. Hadisi AENGARI, 4. Tome FAISI, 7. Brian FENI, 10. Judd MOLEA, 11. Kidston BILLY, 17. Micah LEA’ALAFA, 18. Sam AYERS, 21. Brian KALTACK 13. Moffat KILIFA, 14. Jeffery BULE Subs:5. Dennis IFUNAOA, 6. Molea TIGI, 12. Jerry DONGA, 15. Willy DAUDAU, 16. Emmanuel POILA, 20. Casper AENGARI, 24. Silas SEDA [GK]
Coach: Brendan CRICHTON [NZL]
Amicale: 1. Chikau MANSALE [GK], 2. Samuel KALOROS, 6. Samuela KAUTOGA, 11. Fenedy MASAUVAKALO, 13. Pape GUEYE, 15. Alphonse BONGNAIM, 16. Daniel NATOU, 17. Nelson Sale KILIFA, 19. Souleymane SARR, 25. Joses NAWO, 28. Aliou TRAORE Subs:5. Laitia TUILAU, 7. Jean-Robert YALOU, 18. Jack WETNEY, 20. Michael RUTHERFORD [GK], 21. Paul YOUNG, 22. Paul NGOM, 27. Moffat DEROMOA,
Coach: Richard IWAI [VAN]
Referee: Nick WALDRON [NZL]
Assistant referee 1: Noel BERRY [SOL]
Assistant referee 2: Johnny ERICK NIABO [SOL]
4th official: John SAHOU [SOL]
0’ Match kicks off
1’ Solomon Warriors win a free kick and Judd Molea crosses but Amicale defenders clear.
2’ Fennedy Masauvakalo chases a long pass into the Solomon Warriors penalty area but Hadisi Aengari recovers to clear the ball.
5’ Both teams have settled and are playing to keep possession and waiting for the other to push out from their half. Amicale are showing better control but Solomon Warriors are not allowing to cross the midfield area yet.
8’ Moffat Kilifa is set up with a splitting pass and he tries his luck from distance but it just goes over the cross bar.
9’ A long pass find Kidston Billy free in the centre and his through pass finds Sam Ayers. The New Zealander tries to beat the Amicale goalkeeper but his last touch pushes the ball out for a goal kick.
15’ Solomon Warriors are starting to put pressure on the visiting side and the Amicale bench is not happy. The home side is utilizing both wings to make the attack but so far they have not found a way past the tall Amicale defenders.
17’ A corner kick from Molea results in two attempts on goal for Solomon Warriors with Brian Kaltack connecting with the second but Chikau Mansale was up to the task on both occasions.
19′ Substitution: Dennis Ifunaoa is called in to replace Sam Ayers who receive a cut to the face while battling for the ball during the earlier corner kick.
23′ Rain is starting to pour down on Lawson Tama this could affect play.
27′ Amicale win a free kick in a dangerous position. They decide to take a short pass much to the relief of the Solomon Warriors as their players quickly regain possession and turn the attack on Amicale.
29′ Papa Gueye does some good work on the Solomon Warriors wing and Amicale win a corner kick. The cross ends up in the box but none of the Amicale attackers could get on the end of it.
33′ Solomon Warriors win a free kick just outside the Amicale penalty box. Kaltack takes the shot but it is just inches above the crossbar.
36′ Micah Lea’alafa tries a shot from 40 yards out but Mansale saves comfortably.
39′ Kilifa forces a fingertip save from Mansale but Solomon Warriors get another chance with a corner kick. Kaltack connects with the cross from the corner kick but Samuela Kautoga blocks the attempt.
45′ 1 minute of additional time will be played.
Halftime is signalled.
Second half kicks off under better conditions as the rain has stopped but clouds are indicating more wet weather before the match ends.
Substitution: Jack Wetney comes on for Souleymane Sarr of Amicale.
47′ Amicale win a free kick but Jeffery Bule comes out to recover the ball and turns the attack the other way.
49′ Solomon Warriors are awarded a free kick after Lea’alafa is fouled by Samuel Kaloros.
50′ Yellow card: Kidston Billy of Solomon Warriors and Aliou Traore of Amicale are both yellow carded for backchat.
52′ Molea crosses in for Kilifa from a free kick but the best they got what only a corner kick. Amicale deal with the corner kick effectively.
53′ Billy wins another corner kick for Solomon Warriors. Molea sends a low one to Ifunaoa but they forward mistimes the ball and the Amicale backline regather.
57′ Amicale win a free kick just inside their own half and Daniel Natou finds Alphonse Bongnaim unmarked inside the Solomon Warriors penalty box but the latter could not connect with well with the shot and it goes out.
62’ Substitution: Tigi Molea replaces Kilifa of Solomon Warriors.
64’ Goal Solomon Warriors 0 – Amicale 1: A free kick taken by Masauvakalo finds its way into the back of the net and the visitors take the lead.
66’ Ifunaoa drives into the Amicale 18 yard box and takes a shot but Mansale makes a good diving save.
68’ Billy leads a strong run for the Solomon Warriors and he passes to Lea’alafa but the futsal international takes one too many turns and the Bongnaim tackles but the danger was eventually taken care of by Mansale who ran out to gather the ball to safety.
72′ Billy misses Solomon Warriors best chance of the game from just yards out.
74′ A penalty is awarded to Amicale after Traore was tackled by Aengari inside the box.
75′ Substitution: Aengari is replaced by Emmanuel Poila for Solomon Warriors.
76′ Goal Solomon Warriors 0 – Amicale 2: Papa Gueye homes the penalty kick to extend the lead for Amicale.
77′ Substitution: Gueye is replaced by Paul Ngom for Amicale.
83′ A late tackle by Nelson Sale earns a free kick for Solomon Warriors. Molea goes for goal but misses entirely.
85′ Amicale have dropped back to a defensive formation and are content to let Solomon Warriors play as long as they are inside their own half.
90′ Stoppage time of 3 minutes is added to the game.
Fulltime whistle is blown.

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