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United claim first semi spot

Western United’s two away goals in the first leg eventually proved their worth as they were given no real chance by the tough Malaita Kingz defence line. Nathan Kera was also out due to suspension and the forward was not able to threaten like they did in past games.
Malaita Kingz were disadvantaged from the result of the first game and needed a win or a draw of 3 goals each or more to break through and this did not happen. The determination was there for them but getting the goals proved to be a more difficult undertaking but still Western United were fortunate to go through.
The first half was played at a furious pace as Malaita Kingz tried to seal the deal as early as they could. Western United took some time to settle down but their intentions came out clear when Coleman Makau went for goal in the 11th minute but found the woodwork and John Anita followed with another strike just a minute later to force a good save from Leon Fox. However, chances were not in abundant supply and the Malaita Kingz defenders were at the top of their game keeping Western United crosses to a minimum.
Malaita Kingz had their full team in front but failed to provide enough support to their strikers and this affected the quality of their attacking. Charles Irobina was free up front on a number of occasions but there was no player to support him.
The half time break provided an opportunity for both team’s coaches to readjust their tactics. Unfortunately, whatever advice was given to one team basically cancelled out the efforts of the other resulting in another goalless 45 minutes in the second half.
A last minute push came from Malaita Kingz but they could not dent the score line as did their opponents who saw many of their shots either go wide or found their way to the hands of the goalkeeper.
Western United celebrated when the final whistle arrived knowing that despite their lacklustre performance they still made it to round 2 of the championship series. Their likely opponent will be Solomon Warriors who defeated Marist Fire 3 – 0 in their first leg match.
For Malaita Kingz, the season has seen been both good and bad for them but they will take pride from being one of the true provincial sides in the competition and they have made a loud statement as to the level of football in their home province. Coach Terry Oiaka has only to keep his players together and hope that come next season they will be able to overcome their goal scoring woes.
Western United’s season is not over yet until for 2 more matches and they know that only more challenges lay ahead. They have done well in the league but the championship will be a true test of their strength.

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