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Hana 2 – Western United 6

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Hana: 1. Peter Kiriau (GK); 21. Franklyn Forau; 18. Dalton Maesia; 3. Ian Sida; 16. Martin Saleimanu; 2. Croffson Mana; 20. Stanley Waita; 11. Cornelly Rata; 19. Jeffery Henry; 14. Joe Manu; 13. Larry Hong Subs: 15. Edika Maeta; 25. Dickson Ramo; 10. Andrew Waimora
Coach: Rex MASUAKU (COD)
Western United: 3. Michael Boso; 16. Loni Qaraba; 4. Aleck Wickham; 17. Coleman Makau; 7. Himson Teleda; 20. Felix Ray Jnr.; 10. Mostyn Sanga; 2. Leonard Rokoto; 11. Nathan Kera; 19. Jack Wetney; 15. Joe Luwi Subs: 18. John Anita; 12. Lenson Bisili; 6. Leslie Leo; 13. Derol Melo; 5. Max Ruku
Referee: Gerald Oiaka (SOL)
Asst. Referee 1: David Selwyn (SOL)
Asst. Referee 2: Douglas Mete (SOL)
Fourth Official: Jeremy Igita (SOL)
0’ The match kicks off.
2’ Pressure from Western United results in a corner kick for them. Himson Teleda takes the kick but the Hana defenders clear the ball away and they push forward with a counter attack.
3’ Joe Luwi sets up Nathan Kera in the Hana penalty box and Peter Kiriau was beaten in the first attempt but did well in his second attempt to deny Western United.
6’ Western United’s third corner kick of the match is tipped over the crossbar by Kiriau and the favourites are still without a goal despite keeping Hana pinned in their own area for most of the opening minutes.
10’ Jeffery Henry almost puts Hana in front with a long distance shot that rebounds off the cross bar before it is cleared.
13’ Another Western United shot fails to find the target, this time it hits the post and Ian Sida clears the ball away.
16’ GOAL Hana 0 – Western United 1: Joe Luwi puts Western United in front with a header.
27’ Larry Hong shoots from distance but the shot does not have the power and Felix Ray Jnr. saves easily.
34’ GOAL Hana 0 – Western United 2: Himson Teleda extends Western United’s lead to 2 after a cut back from Joe Luwi.
44’ A free kick from Dalton Maesia just misses goal as Western United ease their attack.
45’ 2 minutes of additional time is indicated.
45’ + 1’ Coleman Makau squanders the chance for Western United to 3 nil in front after hitting his own rebound right into the hands of the goalkeeper.
49’ GOAL Hana 0 – Western United 3: Teleda grabs his second goal with an individual run.
55’ GOAL Hana 0 – Western United 4: Substitute Lenson Bisili adds Western United’s fourth goal of the match.
64’ GOAL Hana 0 – Western United 5: Joe Luwi follows a through pass and scores Western United’s fifth goal of the game.
65’ SUBSTITUTION: Max Ruku replaces Mostyn Sanga for Western United.
71’ Hana are awarded a penalty after Aleck Wickham fouls Joe Manu in the penalty box.
72’ GOAL Hana 1 – Western United 5: Stanley Waita puts the spot kick away to claim one back for Hana.
74’ SUBSTITUTION: Aleck Wickham is replaced by Leslie Leo for Western United.
87’ GOAL Hana 1 – Western United 6: Jack Wetney extends Western United’s advantage giving them a 5 goal buffer with a chip over Kiriau.
88’ GOAL Hana 2 – Western United 6: Hana give Western United a late scare with their second goal of the match coming from Cornelly Rata.
90’ 4 minutes of stoppage shall be added.
90’ + 2’ Waita squanders a chance to add Hana’s third after pinpoint cross from Franklyn Forau.

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