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Victory path clearer for Warriors

The Warriors are up against Malaita Kingz on Sunday and will end the league with a catch up clash against Real Kakamora next Wednesday. While on paper this may seem like an easy task but even getting a win against either of the clubs will be a challenge for Warriors who lost to Malaita Kingz and only edged over Real Kakamora in the first round. However, this does not worry the Warriors management who can believe that their club has a good momentum going and can claim the title as early as Sunday.
With their slow start to the season far behind them Solomon Warriors are in form and have some of the best strikers in the league. They have won their last 3 matches and have remained undefeated since their loss to Malaita Kingz late in the first round. Their case for the title is well supported by a hefty tally of 35 goals from 12 matches and they are without any injury concerns at this crucial stage of the competition.
For Western United, the best they can do is hope for an upset result for Solomon Warriors and try to get a herculean win against Hana on Saturday. Their loss to Koloale almost guarantees that they will finish in second place but even that will be a difficult tablet for them to swallow especially considering that they led the league table for most of the season only to give it away to Solomon Warriors 3 rounds ago.
Koloale looks good to take third place but they need to keep ahead of Real Kakamora who are hot on their heels. However, the advantage is definitely theirs after their victory over Western United. They will end the league against Marist Fire who well capable of upsetting the defending champions. If this happens then Real Kakamora may have the chance to steal the show from Koloale and finish third.
Koloale coach, Henry Koto, admits that his club has not performed well this season but says that they remain resolved to finish inside the prize bracket.
“The season has been difficult for us and, unfortunately, we are out of contention concerning the league title. However, this does not mean that we are giving up and our performance on Wednesday attests to this. We will play our best again on Sunday because our aim is to claim the best that we can achieve,” says Koto.
“The most important thing for us is that we still have the chance to play for O-League qualification and this is something we have to work hard for. This club has the players to get the job done and all we need is to put our hearts and minds together and we can qualify again.”
For the rest of the clubs the final round of matches will be important for positioning since how you stand in the league table determines who you will play in the Telekom S-League Championship Series. The higher up you are placed in the table gives you a better chance of reaching the finals of the championship and for KOSSA and Hana the results this weekend will mean a lot. They both have 11 points and sit 7th and 8th in the league ladder respectively. However, both clubs have a difficult match each as they head for clashes with Western United and Real Kakamora on Saturday.
The dates for the Telekom S-League Championship Series have not yet been announced and it is likely that information will be released by the management of the competition after a meeting with club managers that is scheduled for next week. The availability of Lawson Tama for the championship is also in doubt following a call for the venue to be rehabilitated for the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Nations Cup tournament in June.
The qualification process for the O-League remains that a club must win both the league competition and the championship series to claim Solomon Islands’ place. In the case that different winners are found for the league and the championship then the O-League place will be determined by a home-and-away playoff.
The winner of the league stands to collect a $150 000 cash prize while the first runner-up will pick up $75 000. The third placed club will receive $50 000. The prize scheme for the championship is $150 000 for the winner, $90 000 for the first runner-up and $70 000 and $50 000 for third and fourth place respectively. All of the prizes are sponsored by Our Telekom.

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