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Real Kakamora 2 – KOSSA 3

See below play by play text.
Real Kakamora: 6. Davidson Tome; 17. Charlie Rifasia; 5. Willie Garo; 11. Johan Doiwale; 15. Ian Ngahugari; 2. Paul Hiri; 16. Dida Qwaina; 12. Lyson Wate; 9. Brendan Rou; 23. John Kahu; 25. Nicholas Muri Subs: 7. Kluivert Dagi Jnr.; 3. Roven Malam; 10. Matthias Saru; 13. Ray Watoto; 1. George Lifu
Coach: Barnabas Loloito (SOL)
KOSSA: 1. Samson Koti; 10. Franco Ne’e; 9. Hudson Felani; 4. Willie Shem; 11. Obed Ofea; 2. Willie Lamani; 6. Leslie Nate; 8. Harrison Mala; 13. Charlie Otainao; 7. Paul Wale; 15. Seni Ngava Subs: 14. Mark Genora; 12. Willie Riqeo; 17. Peti Polosovaka; 5. David Ramosaea; 3. Stanton Hila
Coach: Saeni Daudau (SOL)
Referee: Nelson Sogo (SOL)
Asst. Referee 1: Noel Berry (SOL)
Asst. Referee 2: John E. Niabo
Fourth: Jovita Qilamasala
0’ The match kicks off.
1’ The first attempt on goal comes from Johan Doiwale who sends his shot just over the KOSSA crossbar.
6’ Real Kakamora win a corner kick and Lyson Wate puts the cross across to Nicholas Muri who connects with a header but the ball goes wide.
8’ Harrison Mala sets Leslie Nate up for KOSSA’s shot but the midfielder sends his attempt wide.
10’ Paul Wale misses a good chance for KOSSA putting his header too far to the right.
16’ Doiwale chases a high ball past the KOSSA defenders and manages a chip over Samson Koti but the goes bounces wide.
21’ Willie Lamani picks up a loose ball following a KOSSA corner kick and attempts a shot at goal but put too much on the lift and the ball goes over the crossbar.
31’ Real Kakamora win a free kick but Nicholas Muri’s attempt goes straight to Koti who makes a comfortable save.
32’ Brendan Rou wastes a clear goal scoring opportunity with a shot that went just wide.
33’ Charlie Rifasia misses another opportunity for Real Kakamora with a shot went over the crossbar.
38’ Play is stopped for medical staff to attend to the injured Real Kakamora goalkeeper, Dida Qwaina.
42’ Doiwale heads wide from right in front of goal after a cross from Wate.
44’ SUBSTITUTION: Dida Qwaina is replaced by George Lifu for Real Kakamora.
45’ 4 minutes of stoppage time will be played.
45’ + 1’ GOAL Real Kakamora 1 – KOSSA 0: Johan Doiwale scores the first goal of the match with a thundering half volley from a very tight angle.
The first half ends.
The second half begins.
49’ GOAL Real Kakamora 1 – KOSSA 1: Paul Wale scores the equalising goal for KOSSA.
51’ GOAL Real Kakamora 2 – KOSSA 1: Nicholas Muri puts Real Kakamora back in front following a goalmouth scramble.
54’ GOAL Real Kakamora 2 – KOSSA 2: Paul Wale equalises for KOSSA from a situation almost reflecting the situation which Muri score from.
60’ A counter attack from Real Kakamora almost gets them another goal but the final effort from Doiwale goes wide.
72’ SUBSTITUTION: David Ramosaea comes in to replace Hudson Felani for KOSSA.
81’ GOAL Real Kakamora 2 – KOSSA 3: David Ramosaea gives KOSSA the lead for the first time in the game.
82’ SUBSTITUTION: Brendan Rou is replaced by Matthias Saru for Real Kakamora.
85’ Muri connects with a cross from Ian Ngahugari but he turns it wide.
86’ YELLOW CARD: Paul Wale is yellow carded for time wasting.
90’ Additional time of 5 minutes is to be played.
The match is ended.

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