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Spain too strong for Kurukuru

The match was played in Guadalajara north-east of Madrid and a sizeable crowd turned up to witness the history being made. For Kurukuru this was their final test match in Spain and it wrapped up their preparation program before they head to Thailand.
Spain were on top of proceedings from start to finish and Kurukuru had little to throw against the European champions and one of the contenders for the FIFA Futsal World Cup title this year. However, Kurukuru did have its moments in the game and their best achievements came in the second half when they showed to the local crowd their trademark skills and pace.
Kurukuru head coach, Dickson Kadau, was unsatisfied with the score line and said that his players could have achieved more in the game.
“We started really slowly today and basically we gave away the first half. The second half we played much better and showed our capabilities but I do not feel like we played at our best level,” Kadau said.
“However, I wish to congratulate the players for their bravery in the game. It is difficult taking the court against a class team like Spain but I think the boys stood up to the occasion and this is important for us.”
The hosts made use of Kurukuru’s slow start by getting on the scoreboard as early as the 2nd minute. As the Kurukuru determination faltered they struck 6 more times to work up a 7-0 lead by halftime. Kurukuru’s best effort of the first half was a long range shot from James Egeta which found the target but did not trouble the Spanish goalkeeper too much.
The halftime break saw some strong talk inside the Kurukuru dressing room and they returned a different side in the second half. This time they were more confident and managed to keep the ball from the Spanish players for significant periods. However, Spain’s defences were too intact to let them go through and their possession could not amount to anything on the scoreboard.
However, as a plus they managed to keep the score line in the second half to a minimum as Spain only found the back of the net again twice – one of which was from a shot taken when the goalkeeper was still organising his defence. Spain were also markedly less enterprising in the second half but still were threatening whenever they were in possession of the ball.
Besides the score line, the other concern for Kurukuru is captain Elliot Ragomo who sustained an injury midway through the game. A full report on Ragomo’s injury is yet to be made available but he was in obvious discomfort after the match and walked with a limp. This is not the news that the Kurukuru management is looking for as the team is already hampered by suspension to 3 key players prior to the Spain tour.
“We will monitor Elliot closely and hope that his injury is not as severe as initially thought,” Kadau said. “He is a key player in this team and we cannot afford to miss him in the world cup.”
Kurukuru will spend Sunday in Spain before flying out on Monday for Thailand. In Thailand, Kurukuru will play 2 more friendly matches –against Thailand and Australia. Kurukuru’s first game in the world cup is against Russia and they will play Colombia and Guatemala in their second and third matches respectively.

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