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Malaita Kingz 0 – Solomon Warriors 2

Below is the match summary.
Malaita Kingz: 22. Leon Fox (GK); 4. Francis Saemala; 18. Alfred Ali; 5. Johnstee Kusilifu; 3. Fanai Koti; 14. Mickson Suiomea; 11. Trevor Suinao; 15. Bartholomew Sale; 7. George Ladusu; 13. Charles Irobina (C); 10. Kim Tegerobo Subs: 1. Felix Ngeno (GK); 16. Dick Bensy; 8. Moses Saeni; 12. John Bakila; 10. Kim Tegerobo
Solomon Warriors: 1. Alfred Lofana (GK); 3 Hadisi Aengari; 4. George Kwanae; 7. Brian Feni; 22. Bata Furai; 21. George Lui; 8. Peter Taloga; 9. Michael Molea; 15. Molis Gagame Jnr.; 19. George Abba; 11. Kidstone Billy; Subs: 24. Sam Soga; 6. Leslie Leo; 2. Welshman Houkaraua; 23. Reginald Saopala; 12. Chris Tafoa; 10. Molea Tigi; 20. Jamie Molea
0mins Match kicks off.
1mins Trevor Suinao gets thing going for Malaita Kingz with a powerful run down the lines and he fires a shot in but it goes wide.
2.20mins George Abba breaks free on the lines for Solomon Warriors and his cross is right but a Malaita Kingz defender gets there ahead of the lurking Kidstone Billy to chest the ball back to his goal keeper.
5mins The first 5 minutes of the game was evenly played with both teams getting good possession but Solomon Warriors are yet to make a shot on goal.
7.18mins Kim Tegerobo is fast enough to pick up a lofted pass but his shot is closed out by George Kwanae for a Malaita Kingz corner. The kick goes too far but Malaita Kingz win a second corner which Charles Irobina sends in but Hadisi Aengari is there to make a clearance.
12.10mins GOAL Solomon Warriors 1 – Malaita Kingz 0: Peter Taloga scores from a Bata Furai cross on the right. The Malaita Kingz defenders had the strikers marked but Taloga was quick enough to make it in time giving Furai another option.
15.30mins Solomon Warriors move quickly with a counter after a free kick in their own half but Billy is flagged offside and pressure on the Malaita Kingz defenders eases.
16.41mins Tegerobo turns in with a pass from Suinao but puts in too much with his first touch and Alfred Lofana gets to the ball before him to make a save.
17mins CAUTION: Brian Feni of Solomon Warriors is yellow carded after a tackle on Mickson Suiomea.
27mins Solomon Warriors are controlling the game for most of the time that has passed well but the Malaita Kingz defenders are doing well to manage threats in their area as well.
31.20mins Solomon Warriors win a free kick outside the Malaita Kingz penalty area but Billy’s shot goes straight to the Malaita Kingz wall.
33.36mins Malaita Kingz use a throw-in to pressure the Solomon Warriors penalty area and the cross comes in from Irobina but Tegerobo is not able to find space in the midst of the Solomon Warriors defenders to shoot and they win back the ball.
35mins Tegerobo picks out Suinao on the far side and makes a good pass his way but Suinao’s shot is easily dealt with by the Solomon Warriors goalie.
37.42mins George Lui tries his luck from inside the penalty area but the Malaita Kingz goalie goes low quickly enough to block the shot and Malaita Kingz quickly restart with a counter attack with Suinao going in through the centre but the Solomon Warriors defenders come out quickly to block him before he could make a pass to Tegerobo.
39.55mins Irobina makes a good cross in from the lines for Malaita Kingz and Tegerobo is able to connect with a header but he sends it wide.
42.30mins Tegerobo gets on the end of another long ball and turns it into a one-on-one situation with the Solomon Warriors goalie but he sends his shot too high much to the disapproval of fans.
44.37mins Irobina makes another good cross to Tegerobo but Kwanae is able to put a block on the ball before it could get into the 6-yard box.
45 + 0.40 Fanai Koti of Malaita Kingz picks up a yellow card for a foul on Billy.
Referee signals the end of the first half.
The second kicks off.
47mins Solomon Warriors have come back in with a more aggressive approach and so far have already threatened the Malaita Kingz goal with 2 good runs.
48mins CAUTION: Peter Taloga is yellow carded for a reckless tackle on Bartholomew Sale.
51.20mins Malaita Kingz win a corner and Suinao takes the kick in but Solomon Warriors defenders are there to make a clearance.
53mins Michael Molea makes use of a defensive error on the part of Malaita Kingz and sends in a cross for Abba who meets it powerfully but the ball but it is read by Leon Fox and he goes low to make the save.
53.20mins Irobina picks up the long pass from the goalie and he breaks into the Solomon Warriors penalty box where he makes the shot but puts too much power and it sails above the cross bar.
55.46mins Another chance for Solomon Warriors goes begging as Lui sends in a cross to the far post but Fox is there to tip the ball out for a throw-in.
57.09mins Tegerobo turns into the Solomon Warriors penalty box with a short pass from Irobina and he takes the shot with options to spare but his timing is off and the ball rolls out for a goal kick.
60mins Solomon Warriors are enjoying a good spell with more time in their opponent’s half but the goals they are looking for are not coming.
72mins SUBSTITUTION: Reginald Saopala replaces George Abba for Solomon Warriors.
74mins GOAL Solomon Warriors 2 – Malaita Kingz 0: Lui scores from a Billy cross.
77.49mins Lui misses another scoring opportunity right in front of goal after sending his shot directly towards the Malaita Kingz keeper.
79mins SUSBTITUTIONS: Francis Saemala and Alfred Ali are replaced respectively by Dick Bensy and Moses Saeni for Malaita Kingz.
81.16mins Solomon Warriors win a corner kick to be taken by Billy. His cross find Furai but his header is blocked and Molea follows up with a shot that goes above the cross bar.
83.05mins CAUTION: Lui is yellow carded for a reckless tackle on Bensy.
86.20mins SUBSTITUTION: Casper Aengari replaces George Lui for Solomon Warriors and John Bakila replaces Trevor Suinao for Malaita Kingz.
87.25mins EXPULSION: Peter Taloga is red carded after receiving his second yellow for a reckless tackle on George Ladusu.
90 Additional time of 2 minutes is indicated.
90 + 1.30mins Malaita Kingz win a free kick on the halfway line a long chip is sent forward but Solomon Warriors defenders come to control the situation and they reset for a counter attack which only goes till the halfway mark.
Referee signals fulltime.