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Solomon Warriors 0 v Western United 1

Described by coach, Stefan Metanolmski, as a win of character, the victory takes Western United’s tally to 6 points from 2 matches this season. The amount of defending they had to do in the second half was massive as Solomon Warriors dominated possession, shots on goal and almost every statistic including number of players on the field but they survived what probably is their most important test so far. The final whistle was the relief Western United were waiting for and the smiles on the faces of the players and their coach summed up how important the win was for them.
“This victory was one of character, hard work and of team ship,” says Metanolmski. “The players really rose to the occasion today and I commend them for the team spirit they displayed today.”
Solomon Warriors dominated the whole of the match and their intentions were clear quite early when Jerry Donga tried Felix Ray Jnr.’s readiness with a powerful shot but the Western United goalkeeper saved comfortably. Prior to that Ray Jnr. denied Bata Furai a chance to shoot when he scooped the ball away from the midfielder after Judd Molea set him up behind the Western United backline.
Much of the battle in the first half was fought in the centre of the field and Solomon Warriors had the upper hand there. Led by Molea (Judd) Solomon Warriors kept the pressure on Western United who crossed over the opposing penalty area with the ball only a handful of times. Solomon Warriors went close to grabbing the lead in the 22nd and the 27th minute when chances fell to Brian Feni and Tigi Molea respectively. Feni put his shot wide and Molea (Tigi) followed suit after Hadisi Aengari placed him a pass behind his marker from a dead-ball situation.
Western United had to rely on counterattacks to try to catch the Solomon Warriors defenders out but they were given little space to manoeuvre. However, a lapse inside the Solomon Warriors penalty area saw Mostyn Sanga score the only goal of the game. Moffat Kilifa provided the cross from the right and Sanga was unmarked and he afforded to fumble his first attempt before making sure he got it right on the second go.
Within 3 minutes of Sanga’s goal Solomon Warriors were handed a chance to equalise when a player was fouled outside the Western United penalty area. Molea (Judd) went directly for goal with a wicked shot that dove down after escaping the Western United wall but the woodwork save the day for Western United. Minutes later another free kick at the edge of the 18-yard box is tapped away by Ray Jnr. as Solomon Warriors continue to search for the equaliser.
The second half saw Solomon Warriors extend their dominance giving Western United little of the ball to play with. The sending off of Leonard Rokoto made matters more difficult for the side with the one-goal advantage as they were forced to effectively defend for the rest of the game with a 5-3-1 formation. More opportunities came for Solomon Warriors to score but none were taken. Molea (Judd) missed twice from free kicks right at the edge of the Western United penalty area sending his shot too far to the left on both occasions.
Solomon Warriors best of the second half was from substitute Coleman Wasi who volleyed towards goal from a cross from Molea (Judd) but Ray Jnr. reacted quickly and punched the ball away just as it started diving below the cross bar.
When the final whistle arrived it could not have come sooner for a spent Western United side who had to deal with everything in the books thrown at them by a fitter and technically better side. Their win, however, has its cost and Metanolmski will be left to ponder how he will patch up Rokoto’s place in the team when they meet Koloale in their next game.
Line ups
Solomon Warriors: 24. Silas Seda (GK); 3. Hadisi Aengari; 7. Brian Feni; 22. Bata Furai; 4. Tome Faisi; 21. George Lui; 6. Tigi Molea; 10. Judd Molea; 5. Dennis Ifunaoa; 12. Jerry Donga; 14 Jeffery Bule Subs: 1. Alfred Lofana; 26. Loea Mani; 9. Michael Molea; 20. Casper Aengari; 17. Coleman Wasi
Coach: Moses Toata
Western United: 8. John Anita; 12. Lenson Bisili; 16. Loni Qaraba; 9. Moffat Kilifa; 6. Leslie Leo; 3. Derald Melo; 22. Felix Ray Jnr. (GK); 14. Mostyn Sanga; 2. Leonard Rokoto; 5. Max Ruku; 10. Nathan Kera Subs: 15. Jilini Alo; 1. Izomo Bird (GK); 13. Doke Huka; 11. Coleman Makau; 7. Himson Teleda;
Coach: Stefan Metanolmski
Match Officials
Referee: Matthew Taro
Assistant Referee 1: Francis Loxie
Assistant Referee 2: Simon Sabe
Fourth Official: Hamilton Siau
Scroll below for play-by-play text.
0’00” The match kicks off.
3’00” Solomon Warriors win the first corner kick of the match. Judd Molea curls in a high ball but John Anita scrambles away a clearance.
6’46” Western United’s Max Ruku is tackled heavily and require medical attention. Play is stopped.
10’00” Solomon Warriors are the ones playing with more purpose in the first 10 minutes. Western United have not threatened them with much and they have been free to play on the left where they are concentrating their effort. The heavy rain that poured down prior to the match has also eased but the Lawson Tama surface is still wet making ground passes tricky to execute and receive.
14’14” A promising lob from Molea (Judd) finds Bata Furai but Felix Ray Jnr. quickly comes out to deal with the threat.
18’50” The first promising shot of the match comes from Jerry Donga but Ray Jnr. saves comfortably. Much of the game is being played in the midfield as both teams try to close down each other as early as possible.
22’09” Solomon Warriors enjoy a spell of possession inside the Western United half but the eventual shot from Brian Feni sails across the face of goal and goes out for a goal kick.
23’12” Western United win a free kick 25 yards out from the Solomon Warriors goal. Leslie Leo goes for goal but the ball is too high and exits the field of play safely.
27’48” A free kick from Hadisi Aengari beats the Western United defenders and drops neatly for Tigi Molea but the shot goes high above the cross bar.
30’43” GOAL Western United 1 – Solomon Warriors 0: Moffat Kilifa sets up Mostyn Sanga for the first goal of the match. Sanga was allowed too much time with the ball and he took his shot inside the Solomon Warriors penalty area without any pressure.
33’04” Solomon Warriors have a chance to equalise from a free kick after Molea (Judd) was fouled. Molea (Judd) sends in a curved shot and Ray Jnr. made fingertip save to tap the ball out. A corner kick follows and Dennis Ifunaoa tries a shot from the cross but it goes wide.
38’15” YELLOW CARD: John Anita of Western United receives a yellow card for a foul on Donga.
39’05” YELLOW CARD: Brian Feni is yellow carded for a tackle on Leonard Rokoto.
40’30” YELLOW CARD: Leonard Rokoto is yellow carded for obstructing Molea (Judd) and the player being fouled is also cautioned for reacting to Rokoto.
43’20” Solomon Warriors receive a good chance to score after Ray Jnr. is penalised for handling the ball outside his penalty area. The shot comes from Molea (Judd) and the goalkeeper is beaten but Western United are saved by the woodwork.
45’00” 2 minutes of stoppage time is added.
45’00” + 0’23 YELLOW CARD: Max Ruku is yellow carded for unsportsmanship behaviour.
The first half ends.
The second half begins.
50’23” RED CARD: Leonard Rokoto receives his marching orders after receiving his second yellow card for back chat following his protests following a handball decision from the referee. A free kick is given to Solomon Warriors but Molea (Judd) sends the ball wide.
54’03” SUBSTITUTION: Nathan Kera is replaced by Jilini Alo for Western United.
56’00” Solomon Warriors use their one-man advantage to pile the pressure on Western United. So far they have defe
nded well but most of the ball is being played by Solomon Warriors.
60’00” SUBSTITUTION: Lenson Bisili is replaced by Himson Teleda for Western United.
66’45” Solomon Warriors miss another free kick on the far side. But they win a corner kick for their efforts. The corner is cleared away by Western United.
69’30” George Lui tries a shot from distance but the ball sails well wide.
70’00 With 20 minutes left on the clock Western United are struggling to hold things together in the face of the pressure from Solomon Warriors. Solomon Warriors are enjoying the bulk of possession and opportunities but still they have not found a way through.
73’33” Solomon Warriors win a free kick from a dangerous position. Molea (Judd) misses again with the shot which draws away to the left of the goal.
76’01” A corner kick from Molea (Judd) finds Donga but the flanker puts his shot outside.
80’24” Molea (Judd) sends in another kick and the ball rebounds to Lui who volleys but turns the ball wide.
85’13” Furai puts in a cross for Coleman Wasi who connects with headers but the ball goes just wide.
88’15” Casper Aengari volleys a cross from Molea (Judd) and Ray Jnr. is forced to make a finger tip save.
90’00” 3 minutes of stoppage time is added.
90’00” + 1’30” Western United win a free kick after Makau was fouled but nothing comes of it as they lack the numbers up front.
Fulltime is signalled.

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