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Bonitos to start training program

A meeting held on Saturday resolved that preparations must begin in haste since the final matches in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers are barely two months away. Eminent technical persons and members of the SIFF interim management attended the meeting held at the federation’s headquarter.
Everyone in the meeting agreed that training must start as early as this week, however, this would depend on the availability of players. Most of the local players are still to return from the Christmas break and are expected to start arriving back in Honiara by the middle of this week. Hence, the week will initially be used to hold consultative meetings to confirm the availability of each individual player.
While the bulk of the players are expected to play in local competitions there are several overseas based players that are named in the training squad. Most prominent are Benjamin Totori and Henry Fa’arodo Jnr. but several new and former players have also been given the call up including Michael Fifi’i and Joachim Rande.
The most interesting name in the training squad is Judd Molea who has finally been given the green light to join the national team after missing out for the last two years. His inclusion is sure to satisfy his fans, however, whether the player will take up the call is yet to be seen.
The first meeting for the management and players is set for Wednesday 16 January, 2013. The meeting will take place at the SIFF headquarters at 4:30pm in the afternoon. All players named in the training squad who are in Honiara are asked to attend the meeting.
The first of the remaining qualifying matches is an away clash against Tahiti Nui in Pape’ete on March 22. This will be followed by the final match – a home game against the top of the table All Whites in Honiara on March 26.
The cost of playing the two matches is expected to run past SBD$1.5 million with the bulk of the amount coming from the airfares for the away game in Tahiti. For that reason SIFF is working with the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) and the Tahiti Football Federation on an alternative arrangement for playing the match. Other costs include accommodation, meals, allowances, insurance, equipment and medical care.
Solomon Islands’ chances of making it further in the qualifiers are all but over but sentiments echoed during the meeting are that more effort should be placed in the preparations to ensure a respectable finish. Currently, Solomon Islands are third in the table with a single win from four matches and can only hope for a second place finish at best.
Only New Zealand and New Caledonia, who sit first and second in the table, have a chance of going to the next stage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying process. New Caledonia are looking to make history but their dream to qualify will require wins against both New Zealand (away) and Tahiti Nui (home) and a loss for New Zealand.
National pride aside, SIFF is required to field a team to complete this 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifying round or face hefty penalties from the world football body. The financial penalty for not playing exceeds SBD$1.5 million and further sanctions could also be applied.
Local based Bonito members: Leon Fox, Samson Koti, Tome Faisi, Samson Takayama, Hadisi Aengari, Seni Ngava, Christopher Tafoa, George Wagena, Adika Maeta, Emmanuel Poila, Aleck Wickham, Loni Qaraba, Timothy Joe, Leslie Nate, Gagame Feni, Mostyn Beui, Jeffery Bule, Tutizama Tanito, Himson Teleda, Jack Wetney, Leonard Rokoto, Judd Molea, James Naka, , Joachim Waroi, Joe Luwi, Ian Paia
Overseas based Bonito members: Nelson Sale, Henry Fa’arodo Jnr., Michael Fifi’i, Benjamin Totori, Andrew Abba, Joachim Rade, Joses Nawo,

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