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FC Guadalcanal 0 – Solomon Warriors 1

The only goal of the game came when Micah Lea’alafa reigned in a shot from the edge of the eighteen yard box past Thomas Malata following a succession of short passes Solomon Warriors have become know for.
Moses Toata, the Solomon Warriors coach, says that the win and accompanying three points is welcome but he says he expected more from his players.
“It was a good game, a win is a win I must say but I expected more from my team today which did not happen. This is very much the same squad from the least season so I expected my players to bring more to the table,” Toata says.
“Our opponents played and caused a lot of frustration within our setup by being proactive. However, I feel that today individually we did not perform to the level that we can as there were a lot of unforced errors.”
From the start there was a lot of errors from both sides probably down to the fact that their outfield players were very similar colours. The situation was resolved a quarter way into the match when Solomon Warriors were eventually asked to wear their traditional red top and the match picked up its tempo thereafter.
While Solomon Warriors had experience and years of playing together, FC Guadalcanal offered pace and a raw desire to take the game by the horns rather than be outplayed. This they did effectively by using attack as the best defence and met their opponents inside their own half.
Whenever FC Guadalcanal has the ball they went the direct way to goal and Anthony Talo was stretched to his limits and almost made a costly unforced error midway through the first half. Jerry Donga was dangerous and terrorised the FC Guadalcanal 18-yard box but he was forced off the field following an injury.
The match went Solomon Warriors at fulltime and despite the scrappy win will be satisfied with the rewards for their efforts while their opponents live to fight another day.

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