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Koloale 3 v Malaita Kingz 1

With doubts still lingering over who is actually coaching the team the uncertainty seemed reflected on field when the defending champions struggled to find their composure against Malaita Kingz. For this match, however, Peter Eke, led the team casting aside claims that he was relieved by the Koloale management after the club’s loss to Solomon Warriors in their first match this season in the Telekom S-League.
If shots on goal were anything to go by, it was Malaita Kingz who were more confident about attacking the opposing goal. Koloale struggled past thirty minutes without a clear and convincing shot on goal and managed their first after Malaita Kingz had already threatened them with worthy strikes on 2 occasions. However, Malaita Kingz had nothing on Koloale in terms of experience and just when confidence in the stands was starting to wane Henry Fa’arodo Jnr. put his team in front with a clever header over Leon Fox.
Malaita Kingz departed a little from their waiting game the previous week which saw them use mostly counteroffensives to attack their opponents. This time they were happy to start troubling Koloale right from the front and this gave their O-League side a hard time to hold together their attack. Henry Temewale performed quite well for them in the striking department and he almost level the scores in first half stoppage time save for Cecil Buru’s quick reaction in covering is shot.
The hard work from Malaita Kingz continued in the second half and their efforts were well appreciated by the Lawson Tama crowd which cheered them on whenever they had the ball. Just before the hour mark Malaita Kingz had their efforts rewarded when Jack Jethro equalised with a header after his shot was parried into the air by Shadrack Ramoni. Charles Irobina then squandered the opportunity that would have given the lead when he missed a cross from Temewale right in front of goal and without a defender marking him.
A draw would have been taken as a defeat for Koloale and the urgency in their game was lifted following the equaliser from Jethro. Joses Nawo came close in the 66th minute but it was Totori who provided them the lead once again when he sidestepped 3 defenders before shooting into the top corner of the net in the 75ht minute. Their victory was secured when Fa’arodo Jnr. got his second of the day from a free kick that swung around the wall and past the goalkeeper who could do little but watch the ball continue its journey to the back of the net.
The performance mounted by Malaita Kingz was certainly more spirited than they offered in the previous season but in the end it was the class of the players in the opposing side that proved to be the difference. With players like Fa’arodo Jnr. and Totori in their line up Koloale could afford to play a relatively quiet game and still come away with a solid win.
Malaita Kingz are set up against Hana in their next match while Koloale will take on Western United who will play Solomon Warriors tomorrow.
Line ups
Koloale: 20. Shadrack Ramoni (GK); 30. Leonard Olea; 3. Freddie Kini; 15. Mostyn Beui; 11. Ian Paia; 9. Benjamin Totori; 19. Joses Nawo; 4. Cecil Buru; 7. Henry Fa’arodo Jnr. (C); 26. Molis Gagame Jnr.; 27. James Naka; Subs: 21. Eddie Ramo; 13. Lency Saeni; 23. Steve Anisi; 10. Ezra Sale; 24. Willy Daudau
Coach: Peter EKE
Malaita Kingz: 25. Sammy Willie; 3. Mickson Suiomea; 24. Johnstee Kusilifu; 16. Andrew Rarangia; 12. Clifford Huta; 13. Charles Irobina; 18. Hudson Kusilifu; 6. Jack Jethro; 10. Henry Temewale; 26. Leon Fox (GK); 4. Francis Saemala Subs: 2. Felix Filiramo; 11. Timothy Bakale; 14. Chris Hano; 1. Ben Siarani (GK); 7. George Ladusu
Coach: Terry Oiaka
Match Officials
Referee: Hamilton Siau
Assistant Referee 1: Hugo Hebala
Assistant Referee 2: Phillip Mana
Fourth Official: Matthew Taro
Scroll down for play-by-play text.
0’00” The match kicks off.
3’00” After 3 minutes of play Koloale have stamped their control on the game by claiming more of the ball against their opponents. However, Malaita Kingz have already proved their potency in counterattacks and have looked lethal at least on one occasion since kickoff.
8’01” Koloale win a free kick 30 yards out from goal after Clifford Huta fouled Joses Nawo. Henry Fa’arodo curls in the free kick but the tall Malaita Kingz defenders ably deal with the threat.
10’00” Koloale are enjoying the bulk of possession but they have not been able to threaten the Malaita Kingz goal yet with a shot. The closest they came to was the free kick earlier which barely had the teeth to worry Malaita Kingz defenders. At the other end of the park Malaita Kingz have not fared any better with the little opportunities that they were given.
11’45” Koloale go shot with a corner kick to Benjamin Totori but Malaita Kingz regain possession and turn the play into a counterattack. This is dealt with by the Koloale backline who turn the ball back their opponent’s way but nothing comes of their advance.
13’48” The first shot on goal comes but it is not something to remember. Henry Temewale had the time to do something better with the ball but he decided to go for goal and wasted the opportunity.
16’49” The second shot of the match came from Malaita Kingz again and this time it was worthy of praise. A through pass found Huta out wide on the left and his shot curved in at the far post forcing Shadrack Ramoni to an excellent save.
20’02” Koloale came with something a little more promising with Nawo’s run down the line and his cross went through but Ian Paia came in too fast and left the ball behind.
30’00” Thirty minutes into the match and Malaita Kingz have handled all that Koloale has thrown at them. Koloale have not been able to shoot past the 6 yard box with the wall of Malaita Kingz defenders keeping them at bay whenever they drove forward.
34’08” Malaita Kingz almost steal the lead with a 20 yard free kick from Temewale that just clipped the top of the cross bar before going out.
35’20” GOAL Koloale 1 – Malaita Kingz 0: Henry Fa’arodo Jnr. puts Koloale in front with a header that spun over the Malaita Kingz goalkeeper and into the net. It was an uncharacteristic lapse from the Malaita Kingz defenders who left Fa’arodo Jnr. free inside their penalty area.
41’07” Koloale win a free kick after Benjamin Totori was brought down just outside the Malaita Kingz penalty area. Totori takes his own free kick but sends it straight into the wall. However, Koloale regain possession and Fa’arodo Jnr. tests Leon Fox with a powerful shot but the Malaita Kingz goalkeeper was able to make the save.
45’00” Stoppage time of 1 minute will be played.
45’00” + 0’45” Irobina makes a breaking run on the far side and crosses the ball in for Temewale whose shot is blocked away by Cecil Buru.
The first half ends.
The second half begins.
47’28” Totori fires the first shot of the second half but it is easy enough for Fox to deal with it.
48’48” Malaita Kingz win a corner kick and Irobina delivers the cross but the target person misses the ball.
57’33” Malaita Kingz squander a goal opportunity when Irobina and Jack Jethro took too much time with the ball inside the Koloale penalty area and the defenders recover to close them down. A shot eventually comes but it went wide.
59’20” GOAL Koloale 1 – Malaita Kingz 1: Jack Jethro levels the score line with a header after his initial shot rebounded off Ramoni.
61’44” Irobina misses a chance to score from right in front of goal after a quick counterattack saw Temewale free for the cross on the far side. Irobina had no one near him but the goalkeeper but he missed the ball completely.
66’01” Totori sets up Nawo on the far side with lobbed cross and the flanker volleys the ball but the shot hits the side of the net.
75’17” GOAL Koloale
2 – Malaita Kingz 1:
Benjamin Totori restores Koloale’s lead in spectacular fashion as he zigzagged past 2 defenders before shooting for the top corner.
76’00” SUBSTITUTION: Ian Paia is replaced by Ezra Sale for Koloale.
80’00” As the finish line draws near Koloale are mounting the pressure on Malaita Kingz.
81’20” SUBSTITUTION: Henry Temewale is replaced by Timothy Bakale for Malaita Kingz.
83’10” Koloale win a free kick at the edge of the Malaita Kingz penalty area after Nawo was fouled.
84’33” GOAL Koloale 3 – Malaita Kingz 1: Henry Fa’arodo converts the free kick to give Koloale a 3 – 1 lead with 5 minutes left on the clock.
88’05” SUBSTITUTION: Leonard Olea is replaced by Willy Daudau for Koloale.
88’29” Fox denies Nawo a goal after a breaking run by the winger sees him free to take the shot.
90’00” 3 minutes of stoppage time is added.
90’00” + 1’00” Malaita Kingz win a corner kick. Irobina places in the cross and he finds Mickson Suiomea but the header falls safely into Ramoni’s hands.
Fulltime is signalled.

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