KOSSA 1 v Hana 4

The 2 teams shared each half equally in terms of possession but the difference came down to Hana taking their chances when they could and KOSSA are sure to despair their missed opportunities in the second half. Hana even managed a hat-trick in the first half as Tony Otini found the back of the net thrice before the breather.
KOSSA started the game looking confident but that soon disappeared as Otini scored the first goal of the match just after 3 minutes. Hana’s Guinea-Conakry import, Moussa Kouroua, turned in the corner kick and the ball went all the way to Trevor Suinao who directed a tight pass to Otini who was lurking inside the KOSSA 6-yard box and the striker tapped the ball home. Another combination between the trio saw Hana increase their lead to 2 nil with Otini again finishing with a tap in similar to his first goal in the thirty-third minute. Four minutes later Otini struck again, this time with a header after Remarx Kwaria’s long cross from the right, giving Hana a comfortable 3 – 0 lead.
KOSSA were not without their fine moments in the first half and they won more free kicks and corner kicks than their opponent but putting the ball past the Hana goalkeeper proved tough. Stanton Hila headed 2 corner kicks from Seni Ngava wide but their best was a scorching shot from Paul Wale in the 38th minute which produced a fine fingertip save from Peter Kiriau.
The second half was a livelier affair from a KOSSA point of view as they returned to dominate the remaining 45 minutes. As the Hana players started to tire KOSSA kept on mounting the pressure and at certain stages it appeared that they were going to turn the score line on its head. Fortunately, for Hana their opponents could only reply with one goal after missing several clear chances to score. KOSSA’s goal came in the 70th minute and it was scored by Wale who followed up Harrison Mala’s shot and latched onto the rebound which he cleverly chipped over the goalkeeper who was yet to recover.
With 20 minutes left to play Hana were still not in the clear but more insurance was secured when Suinao scored their fourth goal of the match. The goal could be traced all the way back to Hila who hesitated with a pass and this allowed Jeffery Henry to close him down and won the ball which he worked forward before crossing to the unmarked Suinao. With their fourth goal safely tucked away Hana had only to keep KOSSA at bay to win the match.
Hana coach, Rex Masuaku, was satisfied with his team’s victory but said that they were only fortunate that they took their chances and their opponents did not.
“It always feels good to win and I feel really happy that we took our chances like we did. At the same time there were areas in our game that could have been better and we will be looking to improve on them this week,” Masuaku said.
“Otini played well today and I think it was his day. He needs a little improvement with his composure in front of goal but am thoroughly satisfied with what he delivered for his team today,” Masuaku said about his hat-trick hero.
With 2 wins in the bag Masuaku explained while the club is happy with their performance so far but the challenge for his players is to ensure that they remain hungry for more wins as the season rolls on.
“I am satisfied that we could start positively like this. Of course, our challenge is to maintain the desire for wins and overcome complacency. Our technical team will be working with the players to ensure quality is delivered in each game that we play,” Masuaku said.
Hana will play Malaita Kingz in their next match while KOSSA have Marist Fire on their sights in the coming weekend.
Line ups
KOSSA: 10. Franco Ne’e; 13. Michel Misitana; 7. Paul Wale; 8. Phillip Ashley; 11. Junior Selwyn; 1. Severino Aefi (GK); 15. Seni Ngava (C); 6. Michael Sira; 3. Stanton Hila; 4. Marcky Genora; 17. David Ramosaea Subs: 12. Johnson Wanefai; 14. Scottie Puirana; 9. Harrison Mala; 21. Polycarp Bonave (GK); 5. Alwyn Danitofea
Coach: Fred Osifelo
Hana: 12. Peter Kiriau (GK); 18. Dalton Maesia; 3. Ian Sida; 16. Martin Saleimanu; 14. Joe Manu; 10. Moussa Kourouma; 9. Tony Otini; 7. Remarx Kwaria; 19. Jeffery Henry; 8. Trevor Suinao; 4. Arnold Keni Subs: 17. Lawrence Tutikera; 23. George West; 24. Rolland Pweka; 5. Godwin Bebeu; 13. Ramo Niuga
Coach: Rex Masuaku
Match Officials
Referee: Nelson Sogo
Assistant Referee 1: Jackson Akoeasi
Assistant Referee 2: Noel Berry
Fourth Official: George Time
Scroll down for play-by-play text.
0’00” The match kicks off.
1’ 52” The first shot of the game comes from the boot of Phillip Ashley from 25 yards out. Peter Kiriau was forced low to make the save but he safely secured the ball.
3’34” GOAL Hana 1 – KOSSA 0: Moussa Kourouma’s corner kick is scored by Tony Otini after Trevor Suinao pushed in a tight pass for him just inside the KOSSA 6-yard box.
5’30” KOSSA continue to dominate play and their second chance of the match so far was safely parried away by Kiriau after Selwyn Junior was set up by Ashley with a neat chip over the defenders.
7’35” YELLOW CARD: KOSSA’s Michael Misitana is yellow carded for attempting to elbow Suinao.
8’00” The resultant free kick is put wide by Joe Manu.
9’10” KOSSA win a corner kick after pushing Hana back with a counter attack. Seni Ngava turns in the cross and manages to find Stanton Hila but the defender’s headers goes wide.
11’05” A careless clearance from Ian Sida gives KOSSA their second corner kick of the game. Again Ngava is there for the kick and he finds Hila but he misses the ball and it rolls out safely for Hana.
13’00” KOSSA are exerting more control on the game and Hana are left with little ball to play with. The combined force of Franco Ne’e and Ashley in the centre is giving them more options but Hana has been able to deal with everything they’ve been thrown at so far.
14’20” Otini tries his luck from outside the 18 yard box but his shot bends away and goes out for a goal kick.
15’20” KOSSA threaten Hana with yet another corner kick. Paul Wale takes the kick and Kiriau punches it out for another corner kick. The follow up corner fares little better than the first and Hana clear the ball away for a counter attack which is wasted as Manu’s pass rolls a little too fast for Otini.
19’20” KOSSA win another corner kick. Ngava sends it in but the Hana defenders clear the ball away.
20’40” Severino Aefi makes 2 heroic saves as Otini tries it from close range and Moussa Kourouma follows up on the rebound. Unfortunately, the KOSSA keeper went down and is being attended to by medical staff.
21’32” SUBSTITUTION: Severino Aefi is replaced by Polycarp Bonave for KOSSA.
25’22” YELLOW CARD: KOSSA’s Franco Ne’e is yellw carded for a harsh tackle on Jeffery Henry. The free kick is taken by Manu but he puts too much on the shot and it goes high above the cross bar.
30’30” KOSSA win another free kick on the right and Ngava drives in a powerful cross which slides off the head of Macky Genora before Hana defenders could scramble it way.
33’00” GOAL Hana 2 – KOSSA 0: A counter attack sees Hana get the all important buffer goal. Kourouma puts the ball wide for Suinao who sends it back for Otini inside the KOSSA 6-yard box and the striker hammers the ball into the back of the net.
37’00” GOAL Hana 3 – KOSSA 0: Remarx Kwaria crosses from the right and Otini meets the ball with a header that did not seem to have the strength but the KOSSA goalkeeper mistimed the ball and dropped in behind him for Hana’s third of the match.
38’30 Wale shoots from just outside the Hana penalty box to force a finger tip save from Kiriau. Moments later Kiriau produces another fine save when Selwyn Junior tried to chip the ball over him.
42’07” Hana’s Dalto
n Maesia is brought down while attempting a header and play is stopped for him to receive medical attention.
45’00” 3 minutes of stoppage time is indicated.
45’00” + 0’11” KOSSA’s David Ramosaea tries a long range scorcher but Kiriau makes a matching save.
45’00” + 2’13” KOSSA make the final play of first half from a corner kick but nobody is there to meet the cross.
The first half comes to an end.
The second half resumes.
50’00” No side is yet to claim any control of the second half as the ball switches from KOSSA to Hana. The first shot on goal comes Ne’e who puts in an easy one for Kiriau to deal with.
51’20” Hana get their first shot of the half from Kourouma who tries some fancy footwork before going for goal but Polycarp Bonave reads his intentions well and taps the ball away to safety.
52’00” SUBSTITUTION: Franco Ne’e is replaced by Harrison Mala for KOSSA.
57’02” KOSSA is denied a goal after Ngava’s free kick is hit into the back of the net by Wale. The referee ruled that the Hana goalkeeper was fouled by Harrison Mala. The tide of the match is also laying towards KOSSA and the Hana players need to be maintain their discipline or risk losing their lead.
62’02” KOSSA win a free kick right at the edge of the Hana penalty area. Wale lines up the shot but he sends the ball too high.
65’29” SUBSTITUTION: Moussa Kourouma is replaced by Godwin Bebeu for Hana.
67’38” Another free kick is awarded to KOSSA in a dangerous position. This time Ashley takes the kick but his shot is blocked away by the Hana defenders.
69’27” Hana win a free kick and Suinoa takes the kick. Maesia connects with the cross but the shot is blocked.
70’00” GOAL HANA 3 – KOSSA 1: Paul Wale scores KOSSA’s first goal of the match after hitting into the net a rebound off Mala’s earlier shot.
78’16” GOAL Hana 4 – KOSSA 1: Trevor Suinao scores from inside the KOSSA penalty area after a lapse from Hila sees Hana gain ground through Henry who engineered the cross for the goal scorer to finish.
81’00” SUBSTITUTION: Rolland Pweka replaces Hana’s hat-trick hero of the day Tony Otini.
83’54” Junior shoots for goal after a quick one-two in the centre area and his shot just curls down a little too late and it goes out for a goal kick.
89’40” Ramosaea tests Kiriau with a shot from distance but the Hana keeper was up to the challenge.
90’00” 3 minutes of stoppage time has been added.
The referee ends the match.

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