Honiara finish third

Their performance was much more confident than the side that lost in the semi finals against Choiseul the previous day and they were able to dominate much of the game giving their opponents a hard time to gain possession.
Cornelly Rata opened scoring for Honiara after just 51 seconds of play turning with a quick pass from Paul Hiri before he sent in a powerful shot to beat Isabel goalie Silas Seda.
The goal shocked Isabel into action and they equalised through Keith Losi and were looking confident but Honiara were dominant and they went back in front with another Rata goal in the 32nd minute.
The remaining minutes of the first half saw both sides missing some good opportunities with Honiara unable to repeat the Rata magic that saw them grab 2 goals already in the game.
Honiara continued their control of the game in the second half and their backline was performing well making it difficult for Isabel’s passes to go through.
In the 60th minute Honiara were back on target with Hiri registering his first goal of the match from a powerful shot inside the penalty box increasing their lead to 3 – 1.
Within 2 minutes Hudson Felani pushed Honiara further in front with his superb effort which Seda misjudged and Hiri struck again in the 64th minute to give his team enough of a buffer to finish with a win.
Again Isabel reminded Honiara that they were not to be written off easily scoring twice through Samuel Osifelo in the 67th minute and Carlson Gilbert in the 74th minute to finish the game with a more respectable score line.
Match officials: Referee – Noel BERRY; Assistant Referee 1 – Phillip MANA; Assistant Referee 2 – Simon SABE; Fourth official – Kere BAOCHECHE
Honiara: 21. Polycarp BONAVE (GK), 2. Emmanuel POILA, 3. Ralph KERA, 6. Michael BOSO, 5. Brian PETER, 4. Michael SIRA, 12. Molea TIGI, 8. Leonard ROKOTO, 18. Cornelly RATA, 16. Paul HIRI, 11. Hudson FELANI Subs: 1. Samson KOTI (GK), 14. Scott PUIRANA, 15. Ramo NIUGA, 7. Johnson WANEFAI, 10. Kevin GWALU, 13. Larry SEA, 9. Peter MANOMANOSU
Coach: John BERRY
Isabel: 1. Silas SEDA, 2. Mark GENORA, 4. Karsley FIKA, 3. Willie LAMANI, 6. Patrick KALO, 18. Keith LOSI, 14. Lynton DAUARA, 5. Samuel OSIFELO, 17. Stanley PUIRANA, 13. David RAMOKASA, 16. Junior TIVO, Subs: 20. Errol KOLITEVO, 11. Rolex FAMANI, 7. Obed OFEA, 10. Carlson GILBERT, 12. Harry TEVI, 8. Samuel MOTUI, 19. Charles BASU
Coach: Fred OSIFELO
Goals: 18. Cornelly RATA [HON] 51s, 32’; 16. Paul HIRI [HON] 60’, 64’; 11. Hudson FELANI [HON] 62’; 5. Samuel OSIFELO [ISA] 67’; 10. Carlson GILBERT [HON] 74’
Cautions: Silas SEDA [ISA] 64’; Patrick KALO [ISA] 70’; Paul HIRI [HON] 78’
Expulsions: Nil

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